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Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions section is a knowledge bank of queries and questions that we receive on a regular basis. You may well find the information you are looking for right here. However, please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.


What Happens If I Get A Flat Tyre In A Hire Car?
Can I Return My Car Early? Is There A Penalty?
Can I Extend My Car Rental?
What Are Hidden Extras?
Can I Amend Or Cancel My Booking?
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Where Do I Collect My Car?
Can The Vehicle Be Delivered & Collected?
Airport Rentals
Will I Receive A Booking Confirmation?
I Have Points On My Licence, Can I Hire?
Can I Hire A Car With 9 Points On My Licence?
Does The Car Come Full of Fuel?
Driving Experience
What Is Leasing?
Can I Hire A Car Today?
What Is An Insurance Excess?
What Optional Extras Are Available?
What Are SIPP Codes?
Can I Specify My Hire Car?
What Should I Consider Before Booking A Car?
Can I Hire A Car With A Mastercard Debit Card?
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Can I Rent A Car For Someone Else?
Can I Hire A Car And Drop It Off In A Different Location?
Renting A Diesel Car In Europe
Save Money On Your Rental Car And Find The Best Price
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Confused About Car Rental Insurance?
Can I Amend Or Cancel My Booking?
What Should I Expect In My Email Confirmation?
What happens if I get a parking ticket in my hired car?
What To Do In The Event Of A Breakdown?
How Long Can I Hire A Car For?
What Car Can I Hire As A New Driver?
Can I hire a vehicle from the French side of Geneva airport and cross into Switzerland?