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Hertz Car Rental

Car Hire With Hertz

Hertz was founded all the way back in 1918 by Walter L Jacobs but later in 1923 sold before any real progress was made to John D Hertz who grew the business a considerable amount. This attracted the attention of General Motors who bought Hertz from John only for eventually John to buy it back by selling his other companies to raise the funds.

One of the oldest car hire companies going Hertz has been in the business a long, long time this gives them a distinct edge when it comes to experience in customer service and everything else for that matter, Hertz have some great deals by themselves but if you book with Indigo due to the nature in which we work with the suppliers we get the best of the best deals that are exclusive to us and give us the best price possible for our customers.

Hertz operates in 145 different countries worldwide and has several hundred more branches to boast. This gives us a lot of options when it comes to hiring a car anywhere in the world, so wherever you are, we 99.9% of the time we have a car perfectly suitable for you.

Hertz Car Hire Fleet

Most of the Hertz fleet are GM vehicles and the luxury cars consist of Mercedes, Infiniti and Cadillac. Hertz also have vehicles which are down to their history such as many Fords due to ford owning them at one point in time. Their fleet consists of thousands of vehicles and different vehicle types. Any car you need you can be sure that Hertz will have one 100% suitable for you.

Below is not an extensive list but examples of vehicles available to hire from Hertz. Images are for illustration purposes only and models of vehicles can vary between locations.


Can People Under 21 Hire A Car With Hertz Car Rentals?
Yes, at some locations around the world, Hertz offer car hire to drivers under the age of 21, however this is subject to a young drivers additional charge