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Long Term Van Rental

Long Term Van Rental

Long Term Van Rental Packages

Our brand new long term van rental packages of 6 months+ are now available. We have been working for some time to find a supplier able to offer our customers what they are looking for when it comes to long term van rental, or short term leasing as it is also known.

This differs from normal daily rental which tends to be an all inclusive driveaway price. These offers are based on you as the driver providing your own insurance. Sure, this can mean a little bit more hassle on your part but it also means that you are not bound by the rental companies insurance restrictions. Such as;

  • Being over 25
  • Working as a courier
  • Having points on your licence

These are just a few of the usual ones. By providing your own fully comp insurance, it means that as long as you have an insurer willing to cover you then you can lease one of these van deals.

Which Rental Vans Are Available Long Term

Our supplier has a large fleet of commercial vehicles available on this package, sometimes if your requirement is far enough into the future, you could order a custom vehicle.

  • Ford Transit Custom
  • Ford Transit SWB
  • Ford Transit LWB
  • Ford Ranger Pickup
  • Ford Ranger Double Cab
  • Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian
  • Toyota Pro-Ace
  • Volkswagen Transporter SWB
  • Volkswagen Transporter LWB
  • Volkswagen Transporter Kombi
  • Volkswagen Crafter MWB
  • Volkswagen Crafter LWB

What do the numbers look like?

Providing you can provide your own fully comprehensive insurance, the costs are pretty straight forward. Payments can be taken on a credit or debit card in the drivers name and each monthly rental will be taken the day before the new period starts.

Once we know which vehicle you require and have confirmed that you qualify for one of the Long Term Van Rental packages we can be much more specific with costs, but the below should give you a good indication.

  • Arrangement Fee £700 – £1000 depending on the vehicle
  • Refundable Deposit £500
  • Rental Cost from £415 per month
  • Excess Mileage £20 per 1000 miles over your allowance of 2000 per month
  • Large Van Leasing

    Small Vans From £415/Month
    medium van leasing

    Medium Vans From £450/Month
    small van leasing

    Large Vans From £490/Month
    pick up truck leasing

    Pick Ups From £595/Month

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    Q: I am a courier, can I hire a van?
    A: In most cases, no. However as this deal requires you to provide insurance then yes.

    Q: Is the van delivered to me?
    A: Yes, delivery can be arranged at a cost of £1 per mile.

    Q: Can I hire a van if I am under 25 years old?
    A: Yes, we can allow drivers to hire a van from as young as 21 years old.

    Q: Can I hire a van without a credit card?
    A: Yes, we can allow van hire with a debit card, providing your card meets the restrictions.

    Q: Do you offer van hire without a deposit?
    A: Yes, we can but not on this particular deal. Click here to see more on van hire no deposit.