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What Are Optional Extras?

Optional Extras

With the large majority of suppliers we are able to offer GPS, Baby Seats, Additional Drivers, Snow Tyres, Snow Chains and Ski Racks. See below for more information on optional extras.

Satellite Navigation – This option is available from selected locations and is a great tool to help you get around.

Baby Seats and Child Seats – We have a wide range of suppliers which can provide car hire with baby seats. In the UK it is a legal requirement to have a baby/child seat in the vehicle for children. A rear facing child seat is required for children up to the age of 3 years old. From the age of 3 right up until they are EITHER 12 years old or 135cm in height they must be placed in a forward facing child seat. After the age of 12 or if the child is over 135cm then they can be seated in a vehicle with no seat. If you want more information on baby seats please click this link.

Baby seats do not have to be fitted by the car rental company however if you ask when you collect the vehicle the staff at the branch may assist you however this is at their discretion as ultimately it is your child’s safety which is paramount.

Additional Drivers – Depending on the rental company you can have as many additional drivers as you like. Some suppliers limit you to one additional driver whereas many allow you to have more than 1. Please check this before you book your vehicle.

Snow Tyres – Snow tyres are generally required during the winter months and are available from selected suppliers. However in some countries these are not provided. Please speak to our team to check availability. Depending upon where in the world you are hiring the vehicle, snow tyres can be required; however this does depend upon the laws in different countries in regards to tyres and chains.

Snow Chains – Snow chains are generally provided at locations which are popular for skiing like Geneva and Chambery. These are not included as standard and must be requested upon booking. Please speak to our team to check availability.

Ski Racks – Ski racks are very popular at ski locations and allow you to collect your car hire with the capability of taking your skis with you. These can be fitted to larger vehicles. Please check for availability by checking with our team directly.

When can I add Optional Extras?

These can be added either when booking your car hire or on arrival. However it is generally better to prebook your extras as the supplier will have more opportunity to have availability of your extras too!

Are my Optional Extras included?

Optional Extras are usually not included in our online rates, so check before booking. When booking over the phone, we will tell you if additional extras are included in the quoted price.

Can other people drive my hire car?

As long as your friend or family members meet all the requirements for car hire, then they can also drive the vehicle. They will have to be added as an additional driver to do this. For more information see car hire with additional drivers.

Can I collect from one location and return to another?

Yes this is possible with our one way car hire offer.

What happens if I return the vehicle late?

If you return the vehicle late, you may be charged an extra fee, however this depends upon the time that you picked up and dropped off at.

What happens if my reservation goes into an extra day, will I be charged?

If your reservation goes into another day, you are likely to be charged for an extra days hire.

My rental is still within the 24 hour period, but later than the specified return time. Will I be charged?

It is unlikely that you will be charged if the rental is within the 24 hour period.

Grace Period

A grace period Is the amount of time a supplier may let you be late by when returning the vehicle, without charging for an extra days rental. The Grace period varies from supplier to supplier, although generally the period is around 30 minutes, but check in case you think you will be late in returning. Will I be charged if I return later than the grace period? This will depend on when you picked the vehicle up and when you return. Always check if you think you may be late in returning a vehicle. Grace periods are often supplied by suppliers however this is not always the case. Please check with our reservations team directly for more information.

Does The Rental Vehicle Come Supplied With Headlight Covers?

Unfortunately our vehicles don’t come supplied with headlight covers however we allow you to attach your own headlight covers if you need to, this is often needed if you pick up a car in the UK and drive to France.