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No Credit Check Car Leasing For Bad Credit

No Credit Check Car Leasing

The majority of the time unfortunately you are credit checked when it comes to leasing a vehicle. People often struggle to do anything when they have bad credit ranging from getting a mortgage to something as simple as acquiring a phone contract, on top of this of course it also makes vehicle leasing a bit of an ordeal, bad credit auto lease can seem nearly impossible even more so than hiring a car with bad credit.

Can I Lease A Car With Bad Credit?

In the past few years bad credit car leasing has become a hard task to get a hold of, there used to be companies willing to take the risk on those with bad credit however times have changed and now it’s a real struggle. As you may already know Indigo car hire offer leasing deals for both cars and vans although we are predominately a car rental company, we pride ourselves around finding great deals for our customers in which we have managed to find car hire with no credit checks, so the search was on to do the same with leasing.

We are happy to announce that we can now do guaranteed car leasing no credit checks meaning that car leasing, bad credit, no credit checks means no issues! Bad credit car leasing is the thing of the past just get on the phone to us and we can organise something for you.

Exclusive Volkswagen & Skoda Lease Deals

We also have direct access to Volkswagen and Skoda lease vehicles which are provided on an inclusive basis around the UK, delivery can be arranged depending on your location and there are no credit checks. VAT and comprehensive insurance is included in all of the below offers. Prices are per calendar month and a low deposit of £250 is payable with the first payment. Mileage is limited to 2,000 per month.

VW Polo Leasing

VW Polo £509

VW Golf Leasing

VW Golf £539

VW Passat Leasing

VW Passat £569

VW Tiguan Leasing

VW Tiguan £649

Skoda Fabia Leasing

Skoda Fabia £509

Skoda Octavia Leasing

Skoda Octavia £555

Skoda Octavia Estate Leasing

Skoda Octavia Estate £585

Skoda qaroq Leasing

Skoda Karoq £629

Does It Include Insurance?

When you get a quote for a lease vehicle you have two options when it comes to insurance. You can have a long term hire on our insurance or you can take the vehicle on a long term lease and source your own insurance. However the insurance must cover the use of a hire vehicle as many usual insurance policies prevent this.

Short & Long Lease Terms Available

Short term leasing is a scaled down version of long term leasing or contract hire. Here at Indigo Car Hire we can arrange for both forms of leasing, so whatever your desired lease term, we will do our best to supply you with the best deal.

All you have to do is simply select the car you would like, the number of months you would like it for and the mileage allowance you need. You will then be given a manageable monthly cost (usually +vat).

What Vehicles Can I Lease?

We offer a wide range of leasing vehicle for people with bad credit. If you do have bad credit however please let us know before you book so we can organise you this specific deal as only certain suppliers will accept you and we have to ensure that you do not get credit checked before you turn up for your lease. You don’t have to worry about the minimum credit score to lease a car when you book it through us, we will handle everything for you and organise it all.

Car Leasing FAQs

Q: How Is Leasing Different To Car Hire?
A: Car Hire is basically when you take a vehicle for any length of time up to 28 days. Leasing is when you take a vehicle for 28 days or more.

Q: Can I Take My Lease Vehicle Overseas?
A: Yes. As you are taking the vehicle on your own insurance then you would cover for this when you source your insurance at the point of booking if you knew you were taking the vehicle abroad.

Q: Can I Get My Lease Vehicle Delivered?
A: Yes, on leases more than 3 months in length we can certainly get the vehicle delivered for you.

Q: Are There Age Restrictions When Leasing A Car?
A: As long as you have a full licence you can lease a vehicle from the age of 17. However this is at the manager’s discretion as things like driving experience, points and convictions are taken into consideration.

Q: I Have An Overseas Licence, Can I Lease A Car?
A: Yes, as long as you are taking the vehicle on your own insurance we can still provide this service to you even if you do not hold a UK licence.

Q: Do You Offer No Deposit Car Leasing With Bad Credit?
A: Unfortunately this isn’t possible as we don’t do no deposit car leasing at all.

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by Nicholas Dean on Indigo Car Hire
Message of thanks !

I recently booked a hire car through Indigo and before making the booking I phoned to check a number of things. My call was answered by Ciaran who was incredibly helpful. His assistance was really important in helping me to make the decision to use Indigo. In my opinion, he is a credit to your organisation .

Kind regards

by Lisa Harwood on Indigo Car Hire
Superb, 5 star service

Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help with the hire of our vehicle. The service and speed of delivery were 5 star, I would definitely recommend you to friend and family.

Lisa Harwood