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Is There A Baggage Allowance When Hiring A Car?

Recently on several occasions we have been asked, is there a baggage allowance when hiring a car? We thought the best way to cover this would be to explain everything you need to know in one blog. The confusion arises when using our booking engine….

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USA Road Trip Offer

What Is So Good About A USA Road Trip? The USA is a very popular destination with tourists around the world, best known for its delicious food that’s served in portions you will struggle to eat. One issue with visiting the USA is that it…

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Top 5 Destinations For Labor Day Weekend

What is Labor Day? Labor Day was created back in 1882 when a Labor union leader proposed that there should be a celebration honoring the American worker. Since then, Labor Day has been held annually on the first Monday in September. This date was chosen…

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Travelling To Monza For The Italian Grand Prix?

Formula 1 is returning to Italy at the start of September and you won’t want to miss it. If you are lucky enough to be going to Monza to watch it live you may find this guide helpful. If you are like me, you won’t…

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Do you research car hire suppliers prior to booking with them?

Another question we asked our customers in a recent survey was Do you research car hire suppliers prior to booking with them? From those who completed the survey, a huge 79% of you said NO, you do not do any research on a supplier before…

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