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Can Rental Cars Be Driven Into Europe?

Can rental cars be driven into Europe? A lot of people lately have been choosing to drive into Europe themselves for their holiday, rather than going through the hassle of flying – of course, it is much more beneficial to rent a car for this…

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Top 5 Family Attractions in Yorkshire

Top 5 Family Attractions in Yorkshire With the Easter holidays just around the corner and the weather warming up, everyone is looking for fun ways to keep the family occupied during the downtime. Luckily for those of us based here in Yorkshire, this doesn’t necessarily…

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What Are Car Hire Additional Extras?

Additional Extras (and when to take them) When hiring a car there will always be additional extras available at the rental desk. Below are the most common extras you can take but some suppliers offer others such as ski racks and snow chains. Every rental…

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Great News For Young Drivers In South West England

The south west of England is a very attractive proposition for holidays in the UK. Particularly for those who love to be by the coast, it is a huge draw for younger holiday makers with fantastic nightlife and days on the beach. Many of you…

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5 Reasons To Stay In The UK For This Holiday Season

5 reasons to stay in the UK for your holiday this year In recent years, most people who live in the UK tend to travel abroad for their holiday, whether that be once or multiple times a year. I love travelling to new countries myself…

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