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Car Leasing With A CCJ

When it comes to leasing a car, your credit history is very important. Leasing suppliers who are providing a vehicle worth tens of thousands of pounds want to know that their investment is protected. I say investment because ordinarily the leasing company will be ordering…

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Holidays To Return From 12th April*

As you have probably seen this week, we are all expecting Holidays To Return From 12th April*. Boris and co have announced that if all continues to go as it is then we will be allowed to travel within the UK with our household from…

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Van Leasing For Courier Drivers

Until now, we have not been able to arrange Van Leasing For Courier Drivers. It is something we get calls and emails about daily. But for various reasons, van rental companies did not like to rent commercial vehicles to delivery drivers. With the way the…

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Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Leasing

We have teamed up with Volkswagen to expand on our ‘short term package lease deals’ and can now offer Volkswagen Golf Mk8 Leasing. The big difference in our lease deals is that they are ‘all-inclusive’ packages, you just add fuel. Unlike other short term lease…

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Can A Newly Qualified Driver Hire A Car?

If I am a new driving licence holder can I rent a car? Can A Newly Qualified Driver Hire A Car? is question we are asked on a regular basis and the answer is yes, you can as long as the license is a full…

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