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Zero Excess Car Hire Insurance

zero excess car rentalZero Excess Insurance For Car Hire

When you opt for a Zero Excess Car Hire policy you remove the excess you would be responsible in paying in the event of an accident. You can get this insurance independently or through the car rental company, typically charged at a daily fee for the duration of your rental.

What is Zero Excess Insurance or Zero Deductible Car Rental? Most insurances that come as standard with a hire car will include an excess fee in the event that you have an accident, which will mean the driver is charged an amount of money to cover part of the damage estimates. Excess on hired cars can be high, ranging from £500-£2000, a zero excess policy means you pay £0 in the event of a collision.

Excess is the amount that you will have to pay should you be in an accident & excess on hired cars can be extreme, its how the rental companies make money by trying to sell their zero excess car hire policies. The typical excess amount can vary from £500 all the way up to £2000, so it’s better to be aware before you book your hired vehicle the exact amount of this and whether it’s worth choosing other alternatives.

Some people prefer to reduce the excess as it gives them total peace of mind when driving their hire car. You could be the most careful driver in the world, however all it takes is for one careless driver to scrape your car as they drive past and then you are left to foot the bill. So get some extra security by taking out excess reduction and get some security on your purse strings to protect you from damage charges!!

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We Compare Car Hire Excess Insurance

Being a hire broker we work with a large network of suppliers who have varying excess amounts and the cost of reducing the excess is different for every location, supplier and branch worldwide. This can cause confusion, however at Indigo Car Hire we are here to help you.

We want you to get the best deal possible and have no excess so you don’t have to pay out the massive fees that hire companies expect. We don’t want you to lose out…

There are two methods of approach to this zero deductible car rental, and both will mean that you don’t have to pay out a huge excess in the unfortunate event of an accident. it is important to note that if you are arranging car hire with a debit card these options may not be available.

    • Method 1

Some suppliers only allow you to reduce your excess down to a certain amount, for instance Avis only allow you to reduce your liability to £100.00, this means that if the vehicle is damaged you still have something to pay. Some other suppliers including Europcar and Sixt charge between £15.00 and £20.00 per day to reduce your excess to zero which you pay for on top of the cost of your rental, the issue with this method is obviously it can be quite a costly one if you are hiring a car for over a few days, which is why we have a great alternative.

    • Method 2 – Car Hire Excess Reimbursement Insurance

We have organised a deal with an affiliate company of ours which is an excess reimbursement offer.

How does Excess Reimbursement Insurance work?

Excess Reimbursement Insurance is a voluntary insurance, which is useful if there is an excess applicable to your car hire. The cover applies to the individual, so you are covered, even if you change the car hire company or the type of car that you have hired.

It is designed to repay the excess or repair costs you have to pay under the terms of the rental agreement following damage to the rental vehicle. The reimbursement of the excess is subject to the exclusions detailed in the provider’s policy wording.

You can choose to buy either an Annual policy, which will provide cover for multiple hires throughout the period of cover, or a Daily policy which will provide cover specifically for the days that you request it.

What Method Should You Choose

If you are hiring for a few days then it may be worth just paying to reduce your excess to zero instead of buying the policy however if you are a regular hirer that hires several times a year, or even if you are hiring for a week or more you may want to look into this policy as it can often be the cheaper option.


Can I hire a car in Spain with no excess?
Yes. There are several rental companies in Spain that allow you to hire with a zero excess policy, however a lot of them request that you take their policy option as opposed to a third party.

What are the advantages of a zero excess policy?
As we’ve mentioned above, with a zero excess policy it means that in the event of an accident you won’t have to pay any money, typically car rental companies charge a lot for damage repairs.

What happens if the rental company insist you buy the zero excess policy?
A lot of rental companies will try and hard sell a zero excess policy and you may not always want to have the extra cost. You should never have to take the policy, it’s completely up to you.

What if i do not choose a zero excess product?
This simply means that you will be liable for an excess amount should any damage occur to the vehicle. Depending on the supplier, this excess amount could range from £200 to £2000.

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Let Indigo take the stress out of your car hire and let us explain any details you require surrounding car hire with zero excess. Contact our helpful and friendly team today at to get a great deal on your car hire with zero excess.

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 by P Callaghan
First time user but will use again.

The most stress free and hassle free company I've ever dealt with when hiring a car. Inital quite was done in a matter of minutes via the online chat, then a quick phone call and all was finalised. The speed and proficiency at which Matt and Cherie handled my booking was second to none. Will definitely be using again in the future and hopefully fir many years to come. Thank you.

 by Ryan
Excellent Service

The team at indigo are amazing - I recently had last minute disruption to my travel plans but they went above and beyond to cater for my changing situation.

As a frequent traveller I can’t recommend them highly enough!

 by Linda Thompson
Nothing is to Much Trouble

What can I say except that Matthew was brilliant and patience with me. Very friendly and jovial but very professional at the same time. Nothing is too much trouble and he answered all my questions. Ask him about insurance explain it very clearly to me but did not try to sell me extra insurance like a lot of other companies do, for which I am grateful. Explained what documents I need when I collect the car when I told him that the car hire company never ask to see it, he very politely said that he still got to informed me as one never know they might decide to and I might not have all the documents with me. Kudos and thank you to you Matt I will definitely deal with you again. A very happy customer.

 by Carol Macdonald
Excess Insurance Policy

Having booked a week's car hire through Indigo I tried to book Excess Insurance cover which was offered to me at £5.99 per day through Car Trawler.Com. Having agreed to take the cover I realised that I needed to be a U.K.Resident, which I am not. Got onto the chat line with Indigo and spoke to Rob who very kindly arranged cover for me at a much cheaper rate than the cover offered previously. Rob was very helpful and went through everything with me right up to booking and paying there and then. Thank you Rob and Indigo, can't fault you.