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Ideal Car Hire

Ideal Car Hire

Ideal Car Hire are a rental company that is based predominately in the London area. They where founded in 2009 and offer a range of vehicles. This rental company pride themselves on clarity, making sure that every customer is aware of all additional rates and prices, exactly like here at Indigo Car Hire.

When you book with Ideal Car Hire through us we can ensure that you will get the best price hand in hand with the deals we have with them. We will supply you with the best vehicle and price for your circumstances.

The previous years have been fantastic for the UK tourism industry, people from all over the world where visiting the UK for a variety of different reasons and we where happy to supply a large chunk of them with an exceptional car hire service.

Ideal Car Hire are one of our new suppliers and we hope to be working with them closely this year, working together to supply our customers with the best service.

Ideal Car Hire Fleet

This rental company provide a large range of vehicles inclusive of small vehicles, compacts, intermediates, large and even 8 seaters. There is a car for all budgets and needs so that you can enjoy your holiday.

Here are some examples of cars that are in the fleet, this is however not an extensive list…

  • Group A – Audi A1
  • Group C – BMW 1 Series
  • Group F – Mercedes C200
  • Group H – Mercedes C200 Estate
  • Group M – VW Touareg
  • Group O – Peugeot 5008

Popular Locations

There are only two physical locations that ideal car hire have, however some of the locations they can meet and greet at include…

Stoke NewingtonKings Cross
This is however not an exhaustive list so call for details if you are located in the London area.