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Senior Car Hire, Hiring A Car Over 75


In the UK the age to rent a car varies wildly but typically starts at 21, however what most don’t know is that rental companies can also have an upper age limit and may not allow drivers over the age of 75 to hire a car.

To hire a car as a senior driver you need:

  • Be under the age of 99
  • Have held your licence for over a year
  • Points or driving convictions will make hiring more complex
  • Contact us to find out which suppliers allow senior car hire

CAR HIRE FOR OVER 70, 75 & 80s

car hire over 75When it comes to senior car hire many people get caught out by driver age restrictions as most suppliers do not offer car hire to the over 70s or charge an extra cost for the privilege of being more mature, which even the concept of this we find quite ridiculous, therefore we set out to do something about it and help our senior citizens get the car hire that they deserve.

A common question we get is “do you do car hire for over 80 year olds?”, the reason is many car hire companies tend not to offer senior car hire but in our experience, the older peer group are the safest and most responsible drivers out there, our senior citizens are a key part of the motoring industry and we felt it unfair to leave them unable to hire a car.

We have made an agreement with a number of rental suppliers to allow our older customers to continue hiring cars right up until their 99th birthday. These suppliers do still require certain criteria to be met similar to that of when you are hiring at any age which is why we ask you to contact us directly before making a booking, this way we can advise the best rental to meet your requirements and give you the best rental experience possible.

In summary each car rental company is different. Some car rental companies may start their daily senior driver surcharge for car hire over 75 years of age, others may start it from 80+ and some don’t have this policy at all. It’s our job to find you the best overall rental company that suits your requirement at the lowest price possible, taking into consideration their respective policies.


Below is a table some of the areas in which we can supply senior car hire.

Can’t find the location you are looking for? Don’t worry, we can still try and help! Just get in touch with us directly by calling +44 0113 880 0748.


  1. Can you hire a luxury car if you are over 70?
  2. Yes this isn’t an issue we can offer luxury cars up until the age of 99.

  3. Is there any “senior car hire fee” for over 70 car hire?
  4. There can be yes however here at Indigo we have a worldwide supplier that offer this without a surcharge.

  5. Can I add a second over 70 driver?
  6. Yes, additional drivers can be added to the agreement, sometimes this can be free of charge.

  7. Can i hire abroad over the age of 75?
  8. We have suppliers all around the world who will allow you to hire a car. Always check the maximum age in the terms before booking, or to make it easier, just call us!

  9. Can I Hire with a debit card over the age of 75?
  10. We have numerous suppliers throughout the world that allow car hire with a debit card when you are over the age of 75. Please see the table of restrictions on the linked page for more details.