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Find Best Price For Rental Cars

Find Best Price For Rental Cars

Our mission here at Indigo is to find the best possible price for our customers when they come to renting a car. We’ve always thought it important to save our customers money even if at times it’s only a small amount. Here is our little guide on how to save money when you are hiring a car, of course if you called us we would also explain all this too you.

Here are three major tips to help you keep the cost of your car hire low in order to get you the best price rental car.

Additional Extras – GPS/Child Seats etc

Two perfect examples of why car hire can cost so much is down to additional extras, many people don’t realise the cost of having an extra in their car when hiring. A GPS nowadays you can pick up for the market price of around £40 which isn’t a lot at all however if you were to add it as an extra to your hire car will cost you around £7/p day it’s a similar notion with a child seat.


The insurance for the car hire company can be extortionate and it’s at a daily rate, we have an offer with one of our deals that’s on where we can offer you insurance for your hired car for the full year for just £39.99 however this is only really worth it if you are hiring for a long period or if you are a regular hirer through the year.

Returning out of hours

The rental car companies close, they only work for the basic working hours well most of them. This means that if you return the car you have rented outside the hours they are open you can receive a hefty bill which is a charge that majority of the time can easily be avoided.

Some other quick tips we can give are keep your car clean or if you are unsure clean it before you return it things like this you can be charged for. Another one is make sure you get the right sized car for what you need if you hire a car that’s larger it’s going to cost more, things like diesel can also cost more and automatics too so get what you need at a minimum.