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Debit Card Car Hire

debit card car hire

Debit Card Car Hire is quickly becoming the most requested service that we offer. In the past hiring a car without a credit card has being difficult, almost impossible but not with us. Here at Indigo car hire we are proud to make our services available to as many people as possible. As such we have made arrangements with some of the biggest suppliers in the world to enable our customers to hire a car without a credit card.

Renting a car with a debit card has never been easier, you simply contact Indigo car hire, explain your requirements and we will find you the right supplier. We will do all the leg work!!

Debit Card Car Hire, How To Book

Booking debit card car hire is not available online, call us on 0113 880 0748 or contact us via email on Booking online will not guarantee you will find the right supplier.

The process of hiring a car with a debit card is slightly different, we have to check you are eligible. We need to confirm what ID you can provide, your address details and when required that you have the funds available to leave the deposit.

Every supplier that we work with, work in different ways. We know their policies and procedures which means we can take the hassle away from you. Hiring a car without a credit card doesnt have to cause you a headache. Leave it to the experts, that’s what we are here for.

Debit Card Car Hire Locations

We offer debit card car hire in various locations worldwide. The most popular being the UK, Spain, France, Holland, Iceland, Ireland and Italy. Not all of our rental suppliers accept debit cards, it should be made clear to the reservations agent you do not hold a credit card before booking. Not all types of debit card are accepted some exclusions are Visa Electron and Solo amongst others. It is important you confirm your debit card is acceptable before booking.

One of the debit cards that we have had real issues with is a Santander Visa Debit Card which you can find more information on here. Some other popular cards that we accept are Lloyds TSB, HSBC Premiere, Natwest Debit Card, Barclays connect debit card and many more.

When using a debit card the supplier may ask to freeze a certain value of funds. This is to cover the excess amount and to ensure the safe return of the vehicle. These deposits can vary so please check prior to booking. If you are unsure at any point one of our dedicated experienced rental agents will be more than happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Ireland but want to come over to Holyhead by ferry as a foot passenger and hire a car in Holyhead for a day using my visa debit card. Is this possible?
We can confirm that this is acceptable, please contact us and we can help with making arrangements.
I am trying to rent a car, but neither my fiancée or me have credit cards, we only have debit cards and want to hire a car at Stansted. Is it possible to rent a car without being able to show a credit card then?
Yes this is possible as long as the debit cards has raised numbers and is in the drivers name then this shouldn’t be an issue.
Hi, I’m looking to rent a car from the 12th oct for 2 days at cork airport. I’m 24 years old and don’t hold a credit card only a debit card.I would like a ford focus or something similar.Can you give me a price as its saying there will be a fee at Cork airport as I’m under 25??
This depends on your driving experience but we do have suppliers at Cork Airport with offers of young driver and debit card car hire.
can i hire a car if I don’t have a credit card
yes depending on the location you wish to collect from
can i rent a car if no credit card UK
we have many locations in the UK where this is possible
can i use a debit card to hire a car at Cardiff airport
yes we have a supplier at Cardiff airport that allows this
can i use a debit card when i hire a car in the uk?
yes but only with certain supplier
do you have to have a credit card when booking hire cars in Spain
no not all the time, we work closely with a company that doesnt require a credit card
do you need to show a credit card when hiring a car in Bristol
no we have a supplier that will accept payment by debit card
how much do I have to pay when i rent a car with a debit card
the same as if you were using a credit card
if I don’t have a credit card can I hire a car in the UK?
yes you can. We can arrange this all over the UK
is there a car hire company in the UK where u don’t need a credit card
yes we work with a couple of suppliers that offer this
looking for a car hire in Italy who don’t swipe credit cards
we work with a company that allows this but only from certain locations

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 78 reviews
by Danielle wilson on Indigo Car Hire
Personal fast service

Nick from indigo cars was extremely helpful we had been let down by another company and Indigo were very helpful. We booked the car easily without any hassle and felt reassured by Nick that everything was in place. We would recmomend them to anyone wanting hassle free booking

by Gill B on Indigo Car Hire

We don't have a credit card and needed to hire a car. We've used Indigo twice now and they are polite and very helpful. Everything went smoothly when we picked the car up and the rate was better than booking directly with the hire company!

by Dawn on Indigo Car Hire

It was the best and very helpful. We got the car we wanted and at a very good rate.

by Dara on Indigo Car Hire
Helpful and efficient

Coming over from ireland to the UK we were having a nightmare trying to hire a car without a credit card. Luckily Matt had us sorted out in minutes - extremely helpful, efficient and easy to deal with! Will absolutely use indigo again.

by Behzad R Doust on Indigo Car Hire

Thanks from nice phone confirm to proerfossinal services

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