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Unlimited Mileage Car Hire

People often rent cars for various reasons but many people have to travel a large distance from the airport to where they want to go, or possibly they are even going on a driving holiday. You may or may not be aware but there are rental companies which limit their mileage and upon return calculate your average mileage over the period of your rental, if you are over you could be hit with an unexpected fine. If this describes you well, then you may want to look into getting a car hire unlimited mileage policy.

Advantages of Unlimited Mileage Car Hire:

  • No unexpected bills
  • Many people don’t realise their mileage is limited and get caught out by this when they return the car, the amount charged is usually per mile that you go over and sticks to a standard rate.

  • Doesn’t affect your holiday
  • Having your miles limited could majorly effect where you want to go on your travels, you will always have one eye on the mileage clock if you are limited by the mileage restrictions.

    After a little research we have found that in certain locations these are the mileage limit caps. Here are two large companies that have mileage caps.

  • Alamo
  • 900 miles over the rental period and they charge you on average 12p for every mile over, that adds a fair bit to petrol doesn’t it.

  • Europcar
  • Limited at 300 miles per day which isn’t bad but is still possible to go over.

    However you may be pleased to find out that Indigo Car Hire can allow you to get a rental car with unlimited miles on the clock during your rental period, there is absolutely no rental car mileage limit. When you book through us please let us know before the rental that you want to take advantage of our unlimited mileage car rental offer.

Top Unlimited Mileage Car Hire Locations

If you are looking to hire a car and get an unlimited mileage deal, here are just a few of the locations that we can offer unlimited mileage car hire in:

Stansted AirportUK
Alicante AirportSouth Africa
Majorca AirportCanada
Manchester AirportSpain

Unlimited Mileage Car Hire

Most companies restrict your amount of mileage you can do when you go abroad due to things such as a higher chance of breakdown as it costs them a large amount of money to recover a vehicle should anything go wrong. However we talked with a supplier and managed to agree a deal which means you can get unlimited mileage when you travel abroad, for more details please call us directly.

As long as you ask before the rental we can assure you that we will be able to arrange you unlimited car hire easily. If you are wanting to have unlimited car hire then please call our office and speak to our friendly reservation agents at +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at [email protected].

Unlimited Mileage Car Hire FAQs

Can I Get Unlimited Mileage Car Hire UK?
Yes, we work with several suppliers in the UK who can offer this deal.

Can You Do Van Hire With Unlimited Mileage?
Yes this is possible just call one of our reservation agents today.

Can You Do Cross Border Car Hire Unlimited Mileage?
Yes this isn’t an issue at all again just call our reservation agents today.

Can I Get Unlimited Mileage And Hire With My Debit Card?
Yes you can, hiring with a debit card is specialist and narrows your options however this is easily possible.

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