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Can I Specify My Vehicle?

Can I Specify My Vehicle?

Often when people are looking for car rental it is often asked if you can choose what car you can get. Knowing which car is best for you can sometimes be difficult to work out. Well when you book with Indigo Car Hire directly and speak with our helpful and knowledgeable team you can be sure that you can receive a vehicle which is tailored to your needs.

Can I specific my vehicle?

If you require a very specific vehicle like a white VW Golf diesel 5 door with leather seats then chances are you are not going to receive this, however here at Indigo we will always try our level best to cater for all of your requirements. You may find that no rental company will guarantee specific vehicles however here at Indigo Car Hire we always aim to get you as much as we can however even we have our limitations on how specific we can be. For more details on specifying your vehicle please click here.

Fuel Types and Transmission

Often when you are hiring a vehicle you would like to see if you can get a diesel or petrol engine, an automatic or manual vehicle or even if you can get a 5 door. Obviously it is our aim to establish as many of these options for you. Now we can arrange a particular transmission and even specify the number of doors on the car, so if you prefer a 5 door vehicle to a 3 door vehicle then you can count on Indigo. When we are asked, do you offer diesel cars? , do you do petrol cars? And do you offer electric vehicles? This is often a popular request which unfortunately we are unable to 100% guarantee, however we can always put a request in for you however this still does not guarantee that you will be able to specify the fuel type.

What happens if my vehicle is not available?

If it transpires that you get down to the branch to collect your vehicle and it turns out that the vehicle you had booked is not available, the last thing you want is to find that there is no car for you. This is why many companies will upgrade you to a higher class of vehicle if the category of car that you booked is not available. Now you may be wondering, will I be charged for an upgrade if my vehicle is not available? If the original type of car you booked is not available then you should be upgraded to a higher class of car at no extra charge. Will I get downgraded if my vehicle is not available? This should generally not happen but on occasion it can occur whereby if the vehicle is booked with short notice or there is very limited availability then you may be placed into a smaller vehicle than you booked, in which case you will be offered a cheaper price/refund depending on how you paid for your rental. We always endeavour to provide you with the vehicle category that you booked. If you choose to upgrade to a higher class of vehicle yourself, even if your vehicle is available then charges may apply.

If you are wondering what vehicle we offer then we can certainly help. We offer a very wide range of vehicles from small to large, automatic and manual and people carriers and estates. However if you would like a little extra information please see our fleet guide which you can view by clicking here.

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