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How Long Can I Rent A Car For?

How Long Can I Rent A Car For?

This is a question we always get from people that are interested in long term car rental, obviously the term long term car rental depends completely on your preference as to what long term means to you. In our eyes yes we typically offer long term car rental, however if you are wanting something a large length of time it may be worth checking out a lease car with Indigo.

People often need to rent a car for a variety of things, usually holidays don’t surpass the length we can hire but sometimes when you get for example expats who come to the country for long periods of time which will exceed our maximum car rental length.

Typically a car hire lasts 28 days here at Indigo, however we can work ways around it but you would have to return and rehire the car hire every 28 days. An alternative cost effective solution Indigo have is that we can offer car leasing to our customers which can often work out a lot cheaper than car hire, this is also a longer term solution as you can lease on a monthly basis with no need to return the car every month.

If you are interested in hiring a car for a longer extended period of time then please call us as we may be able to find a better and more cost effective solution whether it be car leasing or car hire we will find you the best overall price. If you want to contact us you can on either email or phone on +44 (0)113 880 0748 we will be glad to help you with any of your enquiries and we will always get you the best possible price here at Indigo car hire.