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What Should I Consider Before Hiring A Car?

What Should I Consider Before Hiring A Car?

Here at Indigo Car Hire we recognise it can be a little daunting to hire a car for the first times and you may have a heap of questions. So let’s go through the basics here. If you do need any further information you can always check our frequently asked questions page by clicking here.

Can I Hire a Car From You?
If you are over 20 and you have a clean licence and a valid credit card in the driver’s name then yes you can hire a vehicle. If you have a Debit card we may be able to assist you, however you MUST contact us directly. You can get more information on Debit card car hire by clicking here.
If you are under 20 then you can find out more information about young driver car hire by clicking here.
If you have points on your licence or any major convictions then please click here to establish if you would be able to hire with endorsements on your licence.

How Specific Can I Be?
If you require a very specific vehicle like a white VW Golf diesel 5 door with leather seats then chances are you are not going to receive this, however here at Indigo we will always try our level best to cater for all of your requirements. You may find that no rental company will guarantee specific vehicles however here at Indigo Car Hire we always aim to get you as much as we can however even we have our limitations on how specific we can be. For more details on specifying your vehicle please click here.

What happens if I damage the vehicle?
With all car rentals you will find that they come with insurance however there is an excess or liability charge if you damage the vehicle. This varies depending on your specific requirements but can range between £500.00 and £3000.00. For more details on insurance excesses please click here.

Often people try to negotiate better prices for the car hire, however there is no need to do this when you book directly with Indigo. All of our offers are always at the lowest rates, however depending on your circumstances it is generally better to speak with our team directly to ensure you get the best deal tailored to your requirements.
Sometimes if you do not have a payment card yourself then it can be a real pain finding a supplier who can give you a car. If you need someone else to pay for the vehicle then please click here to find out more information about third party payments.

Can I Get The Car Delivered?
Ideally people like to have the vehicle dropped off at their home address. Now this can be an option in certain circumstances. For more details on car hire with delivery please click here.

Want more answers on “What Should I Consider Before Hiring A Car?” then call us directly and we will give you all the information that you need.