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Ski Car Hire

It’s that time of year and Ski Car Hire offers come into your help. So grab your ski’s or snowboards whatever you prefer and head abroad for some of the best slopes in the world. Get the best Ski Car Hire deals right here at Indigo Car Hire. We offer Ski Car Hire specifically tailored to all of your skiing needs, the size, the extras everything!

When you are wanting to go on your skiing holiday chances are you are going to need to hire a car. There are quite a few things that you need to think about whilst doing so.
Whether you are going skiing in Europe or USA, Indigo has the best offers for you. If you are wondering where the best slopes are, this handy guide might help

Ski Car Hire with a Debit Card

Ski Car Hire with a Debit Card, is one of our unique offers for this year. Most rental companies insist on hirer’s providing a major credit card on collection of the vehicle. To make hiring easier and accessible to all the people, we arranged a few deals world-wide, that will suit your needs.
The debit cards, our suppliers usually accept are: Visa Card and MasterCard debit cards, and there are certain conditions to be met. For complete details about Ski Car Hire with a Debit Card, call our Car Hire Experts Today!!!

Ski car Hire for Young Drivers

We also offer Ski car Hire for Young Drivers for people under the age of 25. The restrictions we have set in place are that you must be 18 and hold your licence for at least one year prior to hiring with us. You also will be subject to an additional daily fee which we have managed to significantly reduce in several cases. This service is available to many Ski car Hire locations, but to make sure that it is available also in your location, call us today.

Ski car Hire for Senior Drivers

Ski Car Hire for Senior Drivers is a unique offer coming from Indigo. Many people get caught out by driver age restrictions as most suppliers do not offer car hire to the over 70’s. Many times senior drivers are being charged an extra cost for the privilege of being more mature. Therefore we set out to do something about it and help our senior citizens get the car hire that they deserve. So Ski car Hire for Senior Drivers is now possible with Indigo car Hire Experts.

No Deposit Ski Car Hire

Struggling to get the funds together for the holiday, the car hire and, the car hire deposit too? We have found a solution for you: No Deposit Ski Car Hire. Sometimes car rental with no deposit is unavailable due to low availability during peak season. Therefore we also arranged a backup offer of Low Deposit Ski Car Hire. For more information on our no deposit offer call our Car Hire Experts.

Cross Border Ski car Hire

Cross Border Ski Car Hire becomes invaluable when you want to go skiing more than one country. Cross Border Ski Car Hire can be a challenge but Indigo car hire are specialises in arranging cross border rentals. So if you needed to collect the vehicle in one country and go skiing into other countries, we can arrange this for you. For more details about the Cross Border Ski Car Hire call our Car Hire Experts today!

Optional Extras Ski Car Hire

Our Optional Extras Ski Car Hire offer include: Winter Chains, Ski Racks, Gps/SatNav.
Beside these winter specific extras, our suppliers also offer: Child toddler seat, Infant child seat, Navigational phone, Booster seat, …etc. We need to mention that the optional extras are paid in the local currency at the rental desk.


Do I Need A Ski Rack?
Well this depends on the size of car but you may often need one because of the size of the ski’s especially if you aren’t travelling alone as it would be inconvenient to have them inside a full car. You will be happy to know that we can supply ski racks in certain locations.

Do I Need Winter Tyres?
In these locations winter tyres can be an essential part of safety, we offer free winter tyres for many destinations. Please follow this link for more information on winter tyres.

What Type Of Car Should I Go For?
Well given that Skiing is very popular as a winter get away it’s advised that you go for a more heavy duty vehicle such as a 4×4 to tackle the arctic conditions and slippery roads because chances are you may have to drive a considerable distance to get from the airport to your location. Call Indigo and we will arrange this for you with ease. You also may need to have winter tyres depending where you are located, so find out by calling us all the rules and regulations.

Can I Hire A Car With A Debit Card?
When it comes to debit card car hire then that’s not an issue depending on what location you want to hire from. We allow car hire without a credit card in several places worldwide so if you give us a call we will do our best to organise this for you. If you want more information on debit card car rental then please click this link.

I’m A Young Driver Can I Hire A 4×4?
Unfortunately this wouldn’t be possible as you would have to hire a much smaller car, we can still arrange this for you given that you are between the ages of 21-24 and have one year driving experience. If you want more information on the type of cars we can hire to you and how to get your ski car hire then please click this link.

Should I Hire A Car With GPS?
Well, this is completely up to you. If you don’t know the area well especially in winter then you should definitely get a GPS, however when you get a hire car with a GPS it costs a daily rate and if you are staying more than a few days it’s probably a better option to buy one instead.

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The best experience ever hiring a car! No hidden fees/deposit/excess. Great companies to deal with and efficient, quick service. No stress with mileage or anything else. I will be re-hiring at least once a month from now on. Cannot recommend them enough - so many companies have lots of conditions and exclusions.