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Is Breakdown Cover Included With Car Hire

Breaking down is always a worry, whether you are in a hired car or not. Hired cars are often within eighteen months old so breakdowns are unlikely, but unfortunately they do happen. The worry for people when hiring a car is if they have breakdown cover with car hire, in which we can assure you that you do.

Your vehicle will be covered and dealt with by the manufacturer, this is because the cars that you hire are leased vehicles meaning they get changed and rotated often and are all new cars, with that it’s much the same as if you lease your own car you will be covered for two years or so after you buy the vehicle and the same goes for hired vehicles.

There are a few questions which we regularly get regarding what happens if you breakdown, so here are the most common…

Who Do I Call?

In the event of a breakdown you are given a number by the rental company when you get the car. This can be found in a variety of different places within the vehicle, on your keys, tax badge, or rental documents. Once you call this number they will recover you given that it is an incident where recovery is required.

When Is Recovery Required?

If you are in a situation where you need a recovery for example a side of the road breakdown, however if you as an example have a flat tyre at home then you won’t need recovery assistance.

Am I Completely Covered In The Event Of A Breakdown?

You are, and you won’t have to pay if the breakdown isn’t due to negligence. One common problem that we get in regards to people breaking down is they actually put the wrong fuel within the vehicle, this happens quite regularly so make sure that you know what type of fuel your vehicle requires!

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