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Are you looking to hire a car in location A and drop it off in location B aka ‘one way car hire’ It’s a common query from our customers. There are several companies that offer this service, however they need to have a branch in both locations that you are requesting to pick up and drop off at, so it depends on your query as to what rental company may be able to help. On this page we describe everything you need to know about this service from what it is to how to get it as cheap as possible, and even at no extra cost in some circumstances.

What is one-way car rental? A one way rental is a good solution for when you need to pick your car up from one location and drop it off in another. It’s common for business trips or if you’re travelling between multiple locations as it saves you time and effort. We offer one way car hire across the UK, Europe & the rest of the world at the lowest price possible, in selected locations we are able to offer this completely free.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire For One Way Car Hire?

We can keep the cost of one way returns cheap by comparing all the available suppliers in your given locations and finding you the best deal to suit your requirements. We work with hundreds of different suppliers across the world, so have access to compare lots of different prices in just a few seconds. Here are just a few more reasons:

  • Extensive range options
  • Easy to use booking engine for one way hiring
  • We’ll find you the best price for your specific requirements
  • We can offer support throughout the process, we’re on your side!
  • Large fleet of cars to choose from
  • We can even offer cross border one way car hire


One-way car hire is for customers who want to pick up a rental car in one location and drop it off in another. It’s perfect if you want to pick up your car from the location and drop it off in another convenient location when you no longer require it, it saves you the time and effort of having to go back to the original location.

A great example of this would be if you fly into a London airport, pick up a car hire but have a meeting in Birmingham, you would pick up the vehicle at in London and drop it off in Birmingham. The most common scenarios in which you may our service includes:

  • Business Trips – One way car hire is perfect for business trips if you are going for a few days. You may want to hire a car in an area near where you are based and drop it off where your meeting is & visa versa to return. The
    benefit of this is that you aren’t paying for the rental during the days that you may not be using it.
  • Moving home – Perfect for moving home to a different location. You can pick up the vehicle in the location you are moving from and drop it off in the area you are moving too, there’s no need to return to your old homes location.
  • Unplanned trip changes – Often we can help in just a simple phone call. We understand that plans change, if you call us during the rental and decide you want to drop it off in a different location we may be able to help, although it depends which rental company you’ve used and if they have a branch near where you wish to drop it off.
  • Airline delays or cancellations – Delays or cancellations may mean that you need to adjust your plans in regards to car hire, we can often be flexible with this, just give us a call!


We make booking a one way car hire as simple as it should be, One Way Car Hire is a really common request so we’ve made sure that you can easily find a quote using our online booking engine. It’s really simple, here are the steps on how to use our online car rental search to reserve your car.

  1. Type in your pickup location in the box that asks “City, Airport, Address, Station, Postcode…”
  2. Next to the pickup location there is a box that says “Return to a different location”, check that box, this will make another box appear
  3. The newly appeared box type in your return location
  4. Input the pick up & return dates to meet your requirements
  5. Click Search & we’ll do the rest comparing all the rental companies that can help in your given locations
  6. Sort by price or filter to meet your requirements on the left hand side of the booking engine, prices are inclusive of the surcharge
  7. Make sure you read the terms & conditions before booking
  8. Select the car that suits your needs & go through the short booking process

It really is that easy, however if you get stuck we are always on hand to help, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and we’ll find you the best possible price.


We are delighted to announce that we have a deal with a choice few suppliers who will now offer our customer FREE one way car hire. Book today and we will arrange requirement you must however tell us before you book the rental and not during. To contact us and arrange this please email us on or call +44 0113 880 0748.


There are a few ways when using our service that you can get the best car hire deal, here are our top one way car rental tips:

  1. Look At The Overall Price – Just because a rental company has the cheapest price for the car hire on your search you need to make sure that you add in the surcharge. There may be suppliers that are a little more expensive but have far cheaper additional fees, making the overall rental cheaper in total.
  2. Try Drop Off At Popular Locations – If you are looking for one way drop off then look at a few locations around your drop off point, particularly airport locations. Travelling slightly extra to drop the car off may unlock a lot more suppliers, making the price more competitive and usually cheaper.
  3. Call Us Directly – We have deals with certain suppliers which we don’t have on our online booking engine, so the best way to find out if you’re getting the best price is to get in touch with us directly.


Some suppliers do not offer this service. Others do allow them but may not have a location close to where you want to return the vehicle. Always contact us before making a booking and we will ensure your booking. We will ensure the offer meet your requirements, giving the bet value for money.

We will, where we can use a supplier who does not charge for this service, however, depending on your requirements this may not always be possible and there may be a small additional fee. You will be aware of this before booking.


If you are looking for from one place to another in the USA Indigo Car Hire can help. Within the USA it is possible to rent from almost every location through our branch network.

The world famous Route 66 wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for one way car hire right? Well we are able to arrange this deal in several places across the globe, from Melbourne to Sydney, Canada to the USA. Whatever your requirements are even if it means crossing a border then we should be able to work something out for you!


As previously mentioned we offer rental service across the globe. This means that we can arrange things with thousands of different combinations. We get some common requests which you may be interested to know that we service, this includes:

  • London To Amsterdam
  • London To Edinburgh
  • Alicante To Lisbon
  • Barcelona To Madrid
  • Los Angeles To San Francisco
  • New York To Los Angeles


Q: Why are one way car rentals more expensive?
A: For most suppliers the cost is to cover the overheads of re-patriating the vehicle. The time, and manpower to return the vehicle has to be paid for somehow.

Q: Can I rent without a credit card?
A: Yes, we have a supplier who will accept a debit card as payment for one way hires.

Q: Does this include unlimited mileage?
A: Yes, unlimited mileage is included as standard

Q: Can i collect a car in one country and return to another?
A: Yes, but not all suppliers allow this. We have created a matrix showing what is possible. View our one way matrix here. Note this service can be pretty pricey!


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 2 reviews
 by Alexander van Zetten
Great service

I previously used another broker ,but decided to give Indigo a try. Flight got into Heathrow at 05h30 and the shuttle bus was waiting. Hassle-free completion of paper work and no pressure to purchase additional insurance. The ability to drop off the car in Shrewsbury was great. I'll use Indigo again,

 by Tamar
One way hire - smooth as butter

Booked two days before we needed the car for a one way hire Exeter to Luton Airport. They had the free one-way hire deal on, so it was cheaper than any alternative form of travel for a family of 5 with not too much luggage. We kept the car two days and it was so convenient to return it at the airport. We will definitely use them again. This is already our third or fourth time to use Indigo Car Hire, also for the benefit of being able to book without a credit card and also for the occasional free second driver offer. Also they are very quick to respond to email requests and available on the phone if needed.