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Can I Hire A Car With 9 Points On My Licence?

Hiring A Car With 9 points on driving licence

Can I Hire A Car With 9 Points On My Licence?

This depends on what the points are for, and when they were added to your licence.

With most suppliers, the maximum number of points you can have on your license is 6 for minor offences, such as speeding and traffic offences which typically has SP or TS codes. These usually carry 3 or 6 points for each offence, depending on the severity. You can learn more about hiring a car with 6 or less points by looking at our car hire with driving convictions page.

What is the maximum amount of points on my licence I can have if I want to hire a car?

Here at Indigo, we understand that some people are on the road more than others meaning there is more chance of conviction, and an offence shouldn’t affect your chance to rent a car. This is why we’re now able to offer rentals to drivers with 9 points on their license, under certain conditions – if you’re worried about points on your license when hiring a car, then get in touch with us.

What are the requirements for hiring with points on my licence?

As long as the driver is over 25, has held their full license for more than 12 months and has a credit card in their name we can now offer rentals to drivers with 9 points, as long as they are only for minor convictions and the driver isn’t currently banned.

How Can I book car hire when I have points on my licence?

If you are in this category it is important to contact us directly, as this is by no means a one-size-fits-all solution. For example, if a driver has one serious conviction (an IN10, for example) plus an SP30 for a total of 9 points, we would be able to help – however, if you have received more than one serious conviction, we wouldn’t be able to offer a rental.

In some instances where drivers have received a driving ban, there are also rules in place that mean you can’t hire until it’s been 5 years since the conviction – this is why it’s important you call us if you’re looking to hire with convictions on your license, and our team will be more than happy to help figure out the best option for you.