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Car Rental Insurance

Car Rental Insurance

In the UK as you likely already know your card must be insured to be on the road, this of course bring about many questions on insurance as there are several different offers and packages. The underlying question of what do you and don’t you need when your hiring a car.

Much like other car rental companies we also offer a range of different options that are available when you come to pick up your hired car.

Standard Insurance – What Is And Isn’t Covered?
Usually there are a few things that are covered by the insurance that you get without paying a penny extra all these are calculated within the price of the rental.

  • These often include things such as breakdowns where you need roadside assistance the car rental insurance covers this for example if the AAA or RAC are called.
  • It also covers wear and tear where things that happen to the vehicle aren’t your fault and are through the vehicle being continually used, this doesn’t include things like punctures or scratches on the body.
  • A Collision Damage Waver (CDW) is also included in the price, this reduces your liability down to a certain amount which we will always check and make you aware of.

Additional Insurance – This Comes At An Extra Daily Cost
The additional insurance includes everything above but the difference is that you pay an additional daily fee which will reduce the amount of excess you have in an accident, this can sometimes go down to 0 meaning you have absolutely no liability in the event of an accident.

Our Third Party Insurance
We offer a deal for both additional insurance worldwide or across Europe, we only advise taking this if it is worth it and you are in the correct situation. This works the same as the insurance given by car hire company, the additional insurance that is. Third party insurance however has some good points and some bad…


  • Cheaper if you are renting for a few days
  • Covers everything additional insurance does
  • Covers Worldwide and European depending which option you choose
  • It also covers for a full year


  • In the event of an accident you have to pay out originally and you are refunded meaning you have to wait for the money to come back into your account
  • It’s only worth it if you hire a few times a year or for quite a few days

Banks – Regular Questions
Some regular questions we get are regarding banks as some offer car hire insurance as either an extra or as part of banking with them.
Some regular questions we get are about car rental insurance with a visa, car rental insurance with bank of America credit card and we even get questions about the difference in location such as car rental insurance in Hawaii, Germany, Costa Rica, America or the UK.

All these questions have specific and detailed answers so please call us directly or email us for your particular query.