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Car Hire With A Visa Electron

Car Hire With A Visa Electron

Hiring a car with any debit card can be a hard and tedious task especially hiring with a Visa Electron, for some reason they are not generally accepted as form of payment across the world. This is down to the fact that they aren’t a reliable form of payment. Although we can deal with debit cards comfortably we have found it a real struggle to be able to accept this form of debit card, in fact we have had to turn down many people in the past.

It was unfortunate but this ruined many people’s plans as they had to rearrange transport methods and at Indigo car hire we hate that. We enjoy giving people great customer service that they can remember, not making them have to re arrange their plans but there was truly nothing we could do in this situation, until now.

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If you answer NO to any of these questions then contacting us before making a booking is the way to go, fill out the enquiry form or contact us on the below details. Our customer service and reservations team are here to help.

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This is why we are so happy to be making this announcement, we can now accept Visa Electron cards thanks to one supplier. This as always with these sort of cards comes with certain restrictions however we have managed to narrow it down to just one restrictions. This restriction is that the name on the card must match the name n the licence of the main driver.

If you meet the criteria you are one step closing to being able to hire, but you are not quite there yet. As part of our UK rules you must be 21 or over and have held your licence for a year prior to hiring with us.

Car Hire with a Visa Electron is quite a specialist service, if this is something you would like to discuss or arrange then please contact us directly. You will not be able to arrange this online.

You can contact our dedicated reservation agents by email us on [email protected], we will do our best to ensure that your visa electron gets accepted in the location that you want to hire a car.

Car Hire With A Visa Electron FAQs

Can I rent a car with a visa electron card in the UK?
Yes! we can happily announce to you that we now accept visa electron cards, but only within the UK.

Car hires in Heathrow who take visa electron cards?
Visa Electrons are accepted through us at Heathrow airport as this is one of our locations.

Can I rent a car in France with visa electron?
Unfortunately not, for now this is only available in the UK but we will be working on deals in the future. We also commonly get asked about Italy but that is the same.

Why do some companies not accept visa electron debit cards?
This is because the Electron isn’t as accepted in terms of payment for anything, as its seen as more of a card for younger people.

Why is car rental deposits higher if you pay by visa electron?
This isn’t true, however the deposits may seem higher because we can only go with one particular company so we have to stick to their deposit.