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Compare Cheap Long Term Car Hire Prices

Long term car rentals are just what it says on the tin, hiring a car on a standard basis over a longer period of time. Most suppliers will offer a reduced price to someone taking a vehicle over an extended period.

The main difference from short term leasing being that long term car rentals have everything you need included, such as insurance and breakdown cover. There is one set monthly fee (per 28 days) and the longer you commit to having the vehicle, the lower the charge may be.

Reasons To Get A Long Term Car Rental

Long terms car rentals are be beneficial for those wanting to hire a vehicle for an unknown period of time. The rental can be an extended on a month to month basis and there is no need for a long term commitment.

  • Contract based work
  • Seasonal work
  • If you’re car has broken down or needs repairing
  • An extended holiday

Another popular reason to take out a long term car rental is for a new employee on a probationary period, the rental can be used as a gap car before you order their new contract hire vehicle.

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Long Term Car Rentals Benefits

There are several benefits to getting a long term car rental which you may not get included with a standard rental or lease. We’ve put together a short list of some of the top benefits below:

  • Fixed Monthly Cost
  • Insurance Included
  • Breakdown Cover Included
  • No Depreciation
  • No Contracts

Long Term Rental Deals

We always work to find you the cheapest deal, we are constantly comparing prices from all rental companies. Prices constantly fluctuate and your specific requirements will determine what rental suppliers which also has a large impact on the price, however our great reservation team have years of experience and knowledge of the industry and relationships with specific rental companies, so they can always help you find the best possible price.

If you are eager to find the best price then you should get in touch with us directly. That being said we have pulled together a few example prices for you to get an idea of the cost:

Long Term Car Rental Fleet

We are able to offer long term car rentals across the UK & other locations and we work with a variety of different companies to do so, which means we are able to offer you a large selection of vehicles. From small compacts to mini-vans, here are some of the examples of what we have on offer:

  • Mini(eg. Fiat 500 or Kia Piacanto or similar)
  • Economy class(eg. Opel Corsa or Fiat Punto or similar)
  • Compact class(eg. Hyundai i30 or Ford Focus, or similar)
  • Standard class (eg. Skoda Octavia or Peugeot 3008 or similar)
  • Minivans (eg. Opel Zafira 5+2 Seater or similar)

The offer is not limited to these classes, we do offer also Luxury Cars, 4×4 Cars, People Carriers, Vans…etc

We also work with a wide range of different high quality car brands that you have to choose from, including, but not limited too:

  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Mercedes
  • Skoda
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford

Standard Cars & Estate Leasing

VW Polo Leasing

Volkswagen Polo

Manual: £579
Auto: £629

Skoda Fabia Leasing

Skoda Fabia

Manual: £579

VW Golf Leasing

Volkswagen Golf Mk8

Manual: £649
Auto: £689

Skoda Skala Leasing

Skoda Skala

Manual: £649
Auto: £689

Skoda Octavia Leasing

Skoda Octavia

Manual: £689
Auto: £709

VW Passat Leasing

Volkswagen Passat

Manual: £689
Auto: £709

Skoda Octavia Estate Leasing

Skoda Octavia Estate

Manual: £709
Auto: £729

VW Passat Estate Leasing

VW Passat Estate

Manual: £709
Auto: £729

SUV’s & 7 Seater Leasing

*Prices are correct at the time of publishing (01/02/2021) but are subject to change.

Popular Long Term Car Hire Locations

If you#re looking for a monthly car hire solutions then we operate all over the world and can always assist you in finding the best deal, however here are a few of our popular locations:

Alicante AirportBristol AirportIbiza AirportManchester Airport
Barcelona AirportDublin AirportLanzarote AirportMurcia Airport
Belfast AirportGatwick AirportMajorca AirportStansted Airport
Birmingham AirportHeathrow AirportMalaga AirportTenerife South Airport

Debit Card Long Term Car Rentals

One of the most exclusive services offered by Indigo Car Hire is the Debit Card Long Term Car Rentals. Our Car Hire Experts are aware that not everybody owns a credit card, therefore offering it became a must. Here at Indigo Car Hire we are proud to make our services available to as many people as possible.

As hard as it may seem, we offer Debit Card Long Term Rental with all kinds of cards: Maestro card, with both flat and embossed numbers, Electron cards, Third party payments – driver does not even need to have a payment card in their own name, Card for electronic use only, Postpay Visa, Laser cards, Switch / Solo / Cirus, Payments.

Long Term Car Hire No Deposit

Are you looking to get a long term rental, but don’t quite have the amount required on your card for the deposit hold? We may still be able to help you arrange this, given you meet specific requirements. We have deals with several suppliers which will allow us to provide you with a no deposit car rental deal, but please ensure that you contact us directly.

In order to take advantage of our no deposit car hire offer for a long term rental there are a few things you should know:

  • The card you are making the payment with must be in the drivers name
  • It may limit the vehicles that you can hire
  • Driver must be aged 23+
  • You may have to take a zero excess policy, which will involve an extra daily fee
  • As previously mentioned you MUST contact us directly

Why Choose Us For Your Long Term Rental?

There are several benefits to choosing Indigo Car Hire for your long term car rental in the UK or worldwide.

  • Wide range of cars to choose from
  • Locations all over the world
  • We’ll always get you the best price possible
  • We have some great deals such as no deposit, hiring without a credit card & free additional driver options
  • We remove the stress of hiring, we handle everything for you from start to finish

How To Book A Long Term Car Hire

As with most of our specialist products we advise that you contact us directly, if you have any questions regarding leasing or long term rentals then you can reach us on or chat with us online.

Alternatively if you want to check our online long term rental prices the process is quick and easy. Here is a quick step by step guide:

  1. Using the booking engine at the top of the page, select your pick up location
  2. After which you can select your start & finish date
  3. Click search & we’ll begin comparing all the rental companies in your desired location
  4. You can then use the left hand selections to filter for a car that will suit your requirements
  5. Select the vehicle & rental company of your choice, make sure you read the T&Cs first!
  6. Add any extras
  7. Input your personal details
  8. Confirm your reservation

And that’s it, you’re ready to go pick your car up & enjoy your long term rental.


We regularly get asked the same questions in relation to long term car hire so we’ve put together a list of our frequently asked questions to help you find an answer for your query quicker.

Is long term car rental worth it?
It really depends how long term you are looking to hire for. If you’re looking for something between 15-30 days then long term car hire may be the best option, however if you are looking for a few months you may want to try a short term lease.

What age do I need to be to hire a car long term?
It really depends on the location that you are looking to hire, typically in the UK it’s 23 years or older, but there are locations in Spain for instance that we can hire to 18 year olds.

What do I need to pick up my hire car?
To pick up your hired car you need the car hire voucher, the payment card you booked the rental on & a valid driving licence that has been held for at least a year.

What is the difference between hiring and leasing a car?
Hiring a car is typically suitable for a shorter period, it costs more but with leasing you tend to have to sign up for a much longer term. You can find some of our leasing deals on our short term leasing page.

Should I look at leasing a car instead of hiring one?
It really depends on the length of time you are looking to have the vehicle for, leasing tends to work out cheaper over a longer period than hiring.

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