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18 Year Old Car Hire In Spain

How old do you have to be to rent a car in Spain? The typical age that you can hire in Spain with most car rental companies is 21, however we have managed to find a supplier in selected locations who can hire to customers who are 18 years old, given other minimum requirement is met. Continue reading to find out more about our 18 year old car hire in Spain deal.

18 Year Old Car Hire In Spain

Hiring a car if you are under 25 can be a really complicated and costly procedure. We have announced several offers in the past but the lowest we have previously been able to get the age restriction down to has been 21, we really struggle trying to get it any lower as companies would not budge below 21 years old.

Age to rent a car in Spain

18 Year Old Hiring A Car In SpainMajority of suppliers require a minimum age of 21, but we have negotiated a deal with a specific supplier that will allow us offer Spain car hire at the age of 18. Please note these are the requirements:

  • 18+ years of age is the minimum requirement to hire a car in Spain, however please note that typically most car rental companies require you to be 21+.
  • You may be subject to a young driver car hire fee
  • A debit or credit card in the drivers name
  • A full clean licence that you have held for at least a year

Restrictions for 18 year olds

When you are 18 years old you can hire a car given that you have had your licence for a year prior however you also need to abide by some other restrictions. The young driver additional fee is a cost of 10 Euros per day and with this you also get an unlimited mileage deal for free. The fee may seem like a lot but there’s no other way round it and fees in Spain can be as high as 25 Euros a day for young drivers so it’s a reduced price.

Payment Options

For the most part across Spain especially for younger drivers, a credit card is needed in the drivers name. We have arranged deals with our partners to allow young drivers to use a debit card to make payment for their hire car, this is quite a rare offering but is available in most major locations. If this is something that you require, then please make it known to us before making a booking.

Vehicles Available To 18 year Olds In Spain

  • Fiat Panda – Mini
  • Ford Fiesta – Economy
  • Opel Astra – Compact
  • Ford Focus Station Wagon – Compact Estate
  • Ford Focus CMax – Standard/Intermediate

Popular Locations For Young Drivers In Spain

Driving Rules In Spain

Some other useful information to know when you are planning on hiring a car in Spain when you may not have before is that the rules could be slightly different than the location that you are travelling from.

  • You drive in Spain on the right hand side of the road
  • Like the UK seat belts are mandatory and you can’t use a mobile phone behind the wheel
  • You are required to carry your licence & car hire documents at all times
  • Spain has toll roads, which are called Autopistas
  • For parking a lot of major cities operate a disk zone

Our Spain Car Hire Offers

Along with being able to hire to 18 year olds in Spain we have a lot of other offers that you may be able to use in conjunction, which include:

  • One way car hire
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Debit card car hire – no credit card required
  • Zero excess policies
  • Low or no deposit options
  • Optional extras such as a GPS (Sat Nav) or child seats

These offers are only available with very specific rental companies so please ensure you contact us directly if you require any of these.


How old do you have to be to rent a car in Spain?
In limited locations with a particular supplier we can allow young drivers from the age of 18

Will I be limited in the type of cars I can hire?
Yes, unfortunately as a young driver you will only be able to hire the smaller classification of cars

Do I have to return the car to the same location?
We can often arrange one way car hire, which means you can drop the car off in another location, but it may come at an extra cost

Can I extend my rental duration?
If you plan on doing this please contact us at your earliest convenience, we may be able to help, it depends on the car rental companies availability

We always suggest that you call, email or chat with us online. The more understanding we have about you and your requirements, the better the package we can offer