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My Booking Confirmation

Do I Receive a Booking Confirmation?

When you book a rental vehicle you will always receive confirmation for your hire. More details about your booking confirmation can be found below:

What is the confirmation for?

The confirmation is to show you all the details of your rental so that you can make sure that everything is correct and what payments have been made and are due to be made. It also shows you any Optional Extras, what documents you need on arrival and how you collect your vehicle.

When will I receive confirmation?

If a vehicle is accepted as soon as you book, you will receive confirmation within 10 minutes when booking online, if the booking is on request this can take longer due to the supplier having to accept the booking directly for internet bookings. If you book over the phone, you will receive confirmation as soon as your booking is accepted, however this can depend upon the supplier.

How do I receive confirmation?

When making a booking online, you will be asked to enter an email address, a confirmation will then be sent to that email address. If you make a booking over the phone, one of our agents will ask for your email address. If you do not have one we are more than happy to mail your confirmation to you, depending on how close to the rental start date it is.

What if I don’t have an email address?

We are more than happy to send you your confirmation by mail If you do not have an email address. Speak to our team directly and they will be able to arrange postal confirmation to your home address.

Do I need to print my confirmation?

Ideally you do need to print the confirmation email, or you can show this via another means e.g. smart phone.

I don’t have a printer?

We can post your confirmation out to your home address so that you have a hard copy of our rental confirmation voucher.

What do I do if I do not receive my confirmation?

Speak to our team directly, we will clarify your email address and resend directly to your email address again. In the event that this process is not working we will always post your confirmation to you If you cannot print this off yourself or if you still have not received via email.

Do I need my confirmation on arrival?

You will need your rental voucher when you collect the vehicle, along with any identification outlined in the terms that accompany your booking confirmation.