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What Is Included In The Hire Cost?

What Is Included In The Hire Cost?

When getting a price online always check the terms and conditions to see what is included in your quote. If you are a young driver and get a price online, then the young driver is unlikely to be included in the rate. If you are a young driver or want a one-way hire, or even if you need to establish what is and what isn’t included in your car hire quote then we always advise people to contact one of our agents directly for a fully inclusive cost. Alternatively you can always click the rate details button on your quote and this will show what is included and the terms of that quote.

Is VAT included in my quote?

VAT and tax is generally included in all rates whether this has been received online or through one of our agents. Please check before you book to ensure that this is included in the rates.

What insurance is included in my quote?

With all quotes a fully comprehensive insurance is included. This will not include the windscreens, tires and undercarriage. The vehicle will have an excess on it. This means that this will be the maximum amount you will be liable for in the event that the vehicle is damaged.

What mileage am I able to do if I proceed with my booking?

Mileage that you are able to do in a rental vehicle is dependent on the amount of time you have a vehicle, the company that you are placed with and the country in which you are hiring a vehicle. Please check the terms and conditions before you book. More often than not it tends to be unlimited mileage however please check the terms of your quote to ensure this is the case.

Is breakdown cover included?

Breakdown cover is included in all quotes.

What optional extras are included?

Sometimes optional extras such as additional drivers and GPS are included in the rate provided. This depends on the location and the company that the quote is with, so always check with us directly to find out what is included.

Are one-way fees included in my quote?

If you will be dropping a vehicle off at a different location from which you collected the vehicle, a one-way fee will apply to your rental. If you get a quote with one of our agents then this can be included in the price. If you get a quote online then please check as this sometimes is not included in the rate.

Are toll charges/congestion charges included in my quote?

Toll charges and congestion charges are not included in the rates provided as these are paid locally.

I’m a young driver, are the young driver fees included in my quote?

If you are a young driver and source a price online, then the young driver surcharge will not be included in the rate, please see the ‘rental conditions’ to find out the extra costs of this. If you get a price directly with an agent, then please advise them of your age as they are able to give you a fully inclusive price, which may include the young driver fees.