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Can I Hire A Car With A Temporary Licence?

Can You Hire A Car With A Temporary Licence?

Firstly we need to understand what is meant by temporary licence, on the whole a temporary licence is what will be provided to you if you have to surrender you licence for a number of reasons. The most common being when applying for a new licence in a new country following emigration.

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If you answer NO to any of these questions then contacting us before making a booking is the way to go, fill out the enquiry form or contact us on the below details. Our customer service and reservations team are here to help.

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In the EU and indeed most developed countries in the world, when you decide to emigrate you will have a certain amount of time in which to get your paperwork in order. In Spain for example, you must change you licence if you have been resident there for 2 years.

It is not a complicated process but does include surrendering your UK licence, in the time between you doing this and your new Spanish licence arriving you will be issued with a temporary licence. This is a document outlining your licence information, entitlements and any endorsements.

If, during this time you need to hire a car then we do have a supplier who can help. You maybe limited outside of the EU but certainly in the UK, car hire with a temporary licence is possible.

Contact our team for more information, they are here to help with any car hire related questions.

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