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Cross Border Car Hire

cross border car hire

We often get many of our customers wanting to tour Europe and it can be more than inconvenient to have to fly everywhere and hire separate cars, thereforeseveral people seek a company that can do car hire in Europe crossing borders. The issue with this however is that several companies don’t allow you to do so and if they do it comes at a high additional charge.

Car hire in Europe between countries also has several different terms and conditions with each individual company differing from each other. Therefor you should let the experts deal with it, Indigo Car Hire can contact the companies directly in order to find out the best deals and give you the clear and concise rules so you don’t end up being landed with extra costs.

One Way Cross Border Car Hire

Another common question we get from our customers is can you hire a car in a country within Europe and drop it off in another country? This is tricky, but not impossible. We can arrange this deal however it depends on what countries you are hiring from as the same rental company needs to be within both of the countries. Please however note that cross border travel across water does not allow you to do one ways, for example this means that if you hire a car within the UK you can’t drop it off anywhere else other than the UK, however you can take it to mainland Europe but you just need to bring it back.

The rules on cross border car hire as mentioned previously are different in each country, rental company and even down to the specific branch, so in order to give you the best information we have written pages on specific locations that are popular for cross border car hire which you can find below…

United KingdomSpain
Please however if you plan on taking a vehicle to another country then you must contact us directly, we will get you the best price but you need to make us aware that you are wanting this deal. Please also note that cross border fees are not listed on the website prices.