Cross Border Car Hire Italy

cross border car hire italy

Cross Border Car Hire Italy

When you hire a car in Italy many people want to explore the rest of Europe and you can when you book a car with Indigo Car Hire. Cross border car hire is rare to come by as most companies don’t like you taking their vehicles outside of the country they are in however we have managed to organise it with a specific company. The most popular locations that people tend to travel to from Italy are either France, Germany or Switzerland and very occasionally Austria.

When it comes to hiring a car and taking it across the border there are two main ways of doing this. One of the ways is hiring the car, crossing the border and bringing the car back at the end of the holiday or whatever you may be doing, when you do this you will incur cross border charge which we will try and keep to a minimum. However option two is picking the car up in one location in Italy and dropping it off in another countries airport, this is a different cost and will incur a one way fee which will be slightly more than the cross border charge.

Our Offers
For cross border car hire we have a few offers available to our customers which we have organised to help broaden the availability of car hire to a wider audience of people. Some of our best offers include…

Debit Card Car Hire
From some airports in Italy we can hire our cars out inclusive of our cross border deal with a debit card given that it meets the restrictions that we have in place for it. Car hire without a credit card can be a real issue as majority of rental companies don’t take any other form of payment, however we have organise this deal which is available to you today. If you want more information on debit card car hire then please click this link.

Young Driver Car Hire
Are you under 25? Then it’s unfortunate but due to insurance regulations you will struggle to find a hired vehicle, especially one that you want to take across the border. We have however managed to arrange a deal that means we can hire out cars to those who are 21 years old and have held their licence for a year prior to hiring. If you want more information about hiring a car as a younger driver then please click this link.

Low Deposit Car Hire
We don’t unfortunately have no deposit car hire which will allow you to cross border travel however we do have a low deposit deal. Our low deposit deal is just a deposit on the full tank of fuel ranging from 60-100 euros which will be given back at the end of the rental when you return the car with a full tank. If you want more information on low deposit car hire then please click this link.

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