Cross Border Car Hire Austria

cross border car hire austria

Cross Border Car Hire Austria

The small country of Austria is popular for skiing but people often only like visiting it for a short period of time and then they want to explore the rest of Europe and when you book a hired car with Indigo that’s perfectly fine we can organise this for you without any hassle. Some popular locations that people tend to visit are Switzerland, Italy, Germany and even occasionally we get people wanting to visit France or Spain.

There are two types of hires avoid for cross border car hire, one of which is when you hire the car in Austria take it over the border but bring it back to Austria at the end of your rental, this will incur a cross border charge. The other option you have is to pick the car up in an airport in Austria and drop it off at another airport within Europe.

Our Offers
We have managed to arrange several offers in Austria for both methods of cross border car hire, we have always aimed at creating offers that both make it easier for people to hire and means car hire is available to more people. Some of the best offers we have managed to arrange include…

Debit Card Car Hire
Given that you pick the airport up at one of our debit card locations then you can hire a car without a credit card, which usually can be a real struggle! The airports we offer this are Vienna, Klagenfurt, Linz and Innsbruck, when hiring a car with a debit card however you need to meet the restrictions in regards to which cards are accepted. If you want more information on debit card car hire then please click this link.

Young Driver Car Hire
Usually if you are under 25 you will really struggle to find a hired vehicle, on top of which several companies require that you are 30 to take the car across borders. Here at Indigo Car Hire however we have managed to arrange deals which mean we can hire cars given that you are 21 or over with a year driving experience. If you want more information on young driver car hire in Austria then please click this link.

Low Deposit Car Hire
Typically when you hire a car you may expect to be putting a deposit down of anything between £500-5000 which is just majorly inconvenient for your holiday. We always aim for a no deposit deal however our supplier of this wasn’t located at any airports in Austria, however we managed to arrange a low deposit offer meaning that you just put a deposit down on the full tank of fuel you are given at the start of the rental. If you want more information on this then please click this link.

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