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Cross Border Car Hire Northern Ireland

Cross Border Car Hire AustriaCross Border Car Hire Northern Ireland

Hiring a car in Northern Ireland and crossing the border into another country has until recently been very limited and not only due to the fact that NI only borders one other country. We work with all major suppliers in Northern Ireland and are now able to arrange travel into England, Scotland and Wales. Obviously this will mean a return ferry crossing is needed as cross border car hire is only allowed on the basis that the car is returned to the country of origin when the rental comes to an end.

One way hire across a border from Northern Ireland is not possible, all vehicle must be returned to where they were collected.

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Cross Border Rental Charges

Most suppliers will charge a fee for taking a vehicle into another country, however in Northern Ireland, we have managed to secure a deal where there is no additional cost at all to drive the vehicle in England, Scotland and Wales. Unfortunately, a £20 standing charge does apply for those wishing to explore the Republic of Ireland.

Other Car Hire Offers in Northern Ireland

We have managed to arrange several offers in Northern Ireland for cross border car hire, we have always aimed at creating offers that make it easier for people to hire and mean car hire is available to more people. Some of the best offers we have managed to arrange include…

Debit Card Car Hire
You can pay for your vehicle and additional charges using a debit card, this is only available at selected locations and these are subject to change. So if you do not have a credit card then please contact us regarding Debit Card Car Hire in Northern Ireland.

Low Deposit Car Hire
We can provide low deposit car hire in Northern Ireland, again this is only available at some locations so to avoid any issues we need to know that you are looking for car hire with a low deposit before making your reservation.