Cross Border Car Hire Spain

cross border car hire spain

Cross Border Car Hire Spain

When hiring a car in Spain several people want to take it to different countries in order to explore Europe as Spain is often the starting location of the tour, so to speak. Spain can be a confusing country to organise cross border car hire but we can do it, there are two methods of doing so. Hiring a car in Spain travelling to another country and returning it back has different rules to hiring a car in Spain and dropping it off in another location such as France or Italy.

Spain & Back

When picking up a car in Spain and driving to another country with the intention of returning it to the Spanish location you picked it up from has a few rules which can get quite confusing, the main restriction is….

Northern Locations
You can only hire a car at the northern airports within Spain as the company do not want you travelling 1000s of miles before you get to another country as it will add a lot of mileage to their vehicles. Therefor the airports that you can typically take the vehicles for cross border car hire include…

Alicante Airport
Barcelona Airport
Bilbao Airport
Reus Airport
Santander Airport

And several more majority of which being in the Northern parts of Spain, call us for more information on this.

Debit Card Car Hire
When you hire a car in Spain cross the border and come back to Spain we can arrange a debit card car hire deal for you. Car hire without a credit card is usually extremely hard to find however we have managed to arrange this, there are restrictions in regards to which debit cards are accepted so if you want more information about this then please click this link.

Pick up Spain Drop Off Europe

When you pick up a car in Spain we can organise for you to take it to another country and drop it off there. There are a few countries that are popular and easy to organise including Andorra, France and Italy, we also have some offers organised for this which include…

Young Driver Car Hire
If you are under 25 it can be very hard to hire a car let alone take one across the border, however we have managed to work our magic again! We can hire cars to those who are 21 and over given that they have held their licence for a year prior to hiring, on top of that we also have no young driver surcharge for those who are 23 and 24! If you are interested in this deal then please click this link.

Free GPS
When hiring a car and taking it abroad its important to know where your going especially if you are travelling a considerable distance, on some of our rentals we can organise a free GPS for you which is usually between £5-15 per day. If you are interested in getting a free GPS on your rental then please contact us directly.

Full To Full
When in Spain majority of companies offer a full to empty policy forcing you to have to pay a lot extra when you pick up the rental car, on top of which it’s almost impossible to return the tank empty so you leave them with even more money. We can happily announce that the supplier who can do all these deals also offers a standard full to full policy.

Please however if you plan on taking a vehicle to another country then you must contact us directly, we will get you the best price but you need to make us aware that you are wanting this deal. Please also note that cross border fees are not listed on the website prices.

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