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Car Hire With A Debit Card In Ireland

Hire a car with a debit card

As you likely have already realised, it can be tricky to hire a car without a credit card as they seem to be the only type of cards that car rental companies want to accept. Fortunately for you we have been working extremely hard to contact supplier all over the world (including Ireland) in order to arrange an alternative solution for hiring a car in terms of payment options. One of the best solutions we came up with was debit card car hire which we have managed to arrange with several suppliers.

We make it simple for you hiring with a debit card or with anything for that matter, all you have to do is give us a phone call and we organise the rest it’s as simple as that. Make use of our expert knowledge to get you an amazing price with great deals. We will save you money and do all the leg work for you.

Should I Hire A Car In Ireland?

Definitely, Ireland is a must hire especially if you want to visit the cities such as Dublin, Cork or Limerick which are all sufficient distance from each other to warrant needing to hire a car. If you are to hire a car, Indigo is definitely the best place to come especially if you only have a debit card to use as we can arrange this at certain locations in Ireland.

What Are The Restrictions?

Like hiring a car with a credit card there are certain restrictions in regards to which cards are accepted and which aren’t. We tried to keep this as simple as possible so we grouped them into the three major restrictions.

One of the restrictions is that the card must be a Visa Debit card as only they are accepted by the machines for some unknown reason.

The second restriction is that the payment must be made in the same name as the driver meaning the name at the bottom of the card matches the name printed on the drivers licence.

The last restriction is that the card must have embossed numbers meaning they are significantly raised from one side of the card and indented on the other, you will usually find that these are in a silver colour.

How to book a Hire Car With A Debit Card

Booking a hire car with a debit card is always best done direct with our reservations team. Booking online does not guarantee you will be able to use a debit card. you can call us on +44 (0)113 880 0748, email on or chat with us in the bottom right of this page. We will go through the process with you and ensure that the card you have is eligible, we will also find you the best rates out there.