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News from the Car Rental Industry: The Ultimate Test-Drive

In 2013, Enterprise Holdings conducted a survey to get a better understanding of the relationship between renting a car and vehicle ownership. They did it again in 2015, and most recently in 2017, with all results confirming that customers in every age group rent cars…

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Car Hire With Debit Card at Birmingham Train Station

Newsflash Car Hire With Debit Card at Birmingham Train Station Indigo Car Hire is happy to announce that starting with 1st of September, Car Hire With Debit Card at Birmingham Train Station will be available when booking with us. The rental office and the pickup…

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Top Eight Scenic Road Trips in the USA

USA has so many stunning areas that are ideal for a road trip. Make yourself ready for a nice drive on one of these beautiful and scenic drives. Here is a list of the top eight scenic road trips in the USA. Top Eight Scenic…

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3 Reasons to Visit Northern Europe this Summer

We all have a tendency to stick with what we know. That might be just fine when it comes to picking out clothes or choosing where to go for dinner, but it should never be the guiding light in planning your next holiday destination. If…

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Tourist Holiday Frauds On The Rise

Tourist holiday frauds bookings are increasing in the UK and the victims are deprived of millions. In the previous year, the number of holidaymakers who got tricked rose to almost 6,000, with a total loss of 7.2 million pounds. Year after year, the reported cases…

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