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Do I Need An International Driving Licence?

An International Driving Licence or IDP (International Driving Permit) is exactly that, a permit that allows you to drive in other countries that wouldn’t ordinarily accept your driving licence for various reasons. The main reason being the language barrier. Your driving licence will still be…

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Travelling To France For The Ryder Cup?

If you are one of the thousands of people leaving the UK and heading for Le Golf National for the Ryder Cup in September. Firstly I am very jealous and if you have a spare ticket, hit me up. Secondly even if you don’t take…

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How To Find The Best Car Hire Prices This Year

With more and more ‘low cost’ car hire brands launching each year it is becoming very confusing for a lot of people, just how do you get the best car hire prices? And once you have a good price, how do you know what else…

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Driving Licence Check Code For Car Rental

The driving licence check code system has now been in place almost 3 years and we are pretty happy to report that the transition has been almost without issue. One or two glitches with the system in the early days, which if you know anything…

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Low Cost Convertible Car Hire

Im travelling to Spain in a couple of weeks for a bit of R&R and golf with the lads. We have a few days down time so I have been considering hiring a car to go see a few old faces but mainly cruise around…

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