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Can I Take My Dog In A Hire Car?

A question that is being asked more and more is, Can I Take My Dog In A Hire Car? In short the answer is YES, I think a lot of people are concerned that they will be charged extra at the time of booking if…

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One Way Car Hire vs The Alternatives

So the better half has booked us a holiday to Morocco in September, a fantastic deal for the two of us and one child but the only snag is that it means flying from Heathrow. Not the end of the world you might think but…

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New locations in Eilat, Israel

Eilat is the most southerly city in Israel and is a very popular destination for travellers. Entering via the busy Port and even busier airport. At the tip of the red sea, its bustling nightlife and beautiful beaches mean its popularity is increasing. We have…

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What does insurance excess mean?

What’s the difference between ZERO EXCESS (Super CDW) and Excess Damage Refund Cover? Understandably, one of the most deterring and confusing parts about hiring a car is understanding insurance and insurance excess. What cover the car comes with and exactly what the excess is. It’s…

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Hiring a Car Without a Credit Card in Auckland

Hiring a car without a credit card in Auckland could now not be easier with a new addition to our supply list. Already a popular service of ours, we are always looking to provide our customers with more choice when it comes to using a…

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