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VW Golf Car Hire

About The Volkswagen Golf

The VW Golf was a compact sized car from the German based company Volkswagen. The Golf has been created since 1974 when the first mark 1 VW Golf was released. This car was a real treat with it being the replacement for the Volkswagen Beetle which was the main mid-range car which was provided by the German vehicle manufacturer. In June 1976 the VW Golf GTI was released, this little hot hatchback vehicle was a great little car and proved to be as popular and trend setting as its predecessor the VW Beetle. The idea behind the straightforward – takes a basic transportation economy car and gives it a high performance package attitude seemed to work. This made the little VW Golf both practical and sporty. The Golf was one of the first small cars to adopt the mechanical fuel injection.

Over the years many different variants of the VW Golf have been released which include the standard VW Golf, also the TDi, GTi, GTD and R32 are a few to mention. Also there have been many changes and upgrades to the VW Golf over the years. The first adaptation to the original mark 1 was in 1983 when the VW Golf mark 2 was created. This second generation vehicle was slightly bigger in wheelbase than the older version and in 1986 the first VW Golf with the Synchro 4 wheel drive system was added to the vehicles.

In 1993 the first Turbocharged Diesel Injection (TDi) diesel engine was added to the Mark 3 version of the VW Golf and was running right up until 1999. In August of 1997 however the VW Golf Mark 4 was introduced and brought the new four wheel drive R32 to our attention. In total there have been 7 different changes to the VW golf over the years and each one has seen the basic routes of the original Golf stay intact whilst developing additional bonus features like the 4wd systems.

VW Golf Hire

The VW Golf is always a very popular choice of vehicle when it comes to getting a reliable mid-range vehicle to drive. The main reason why it is so popular is that the basic design of the VW Golf has not changed much over the years, and they do say that “if something isn’t broken don’t fix it!” So The VW Golf is a very established choice of vehicle with its main rivals being the Ford Focus, Audi A3 and Vauxhall Astra.

Popular Locations

The golf is popular across the globe however its particularly popular for customers in certain areas such as…

LeedsManchester Airport
ManchesterLeeds Bradford Airport
Edinburgh Airport
Although we do offer this deal worldwide

Our VW Golf Offers

We have several offers on our Volkswagen Golfs throughout the world which you can take advantage of which are…

Young Driver Golf Hire

We can offer our Volkswagen Golfs to those drivers who are under the age of 25 with our great new deal. Our minimum age in order to hire a golf is 21 given that you have held your licence for a year prior to hiring, there will be a young driver additional fee unless you are 23 or 24 in selected locations. If you want more information on young driver car hire then please click this link.

No Deposit Golf Hire

We also have a deal with some of our suppliers to allow our Golf’s to be hired with no deposit! As a back up in some locations we also have a low deposit available which is just a full tank of fuel which on a Golf isn’t a large deposit. If you want more information on the no deposit offer then please click this link.

Debit Card Golf Hire

Hiring any car without a credit card can be hard and confusing to say the least, however we have managed to arrange a deal which means that you can use your debit card given that it meets our requirements that are in place. If you want more information on hiring a golf without a credit card then please click this link.

The VW Golf Through The Years

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