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About Huddersfield

A large market town located in West Yorkshire the halfway point between Leeds and Manchester lying about 190 miles outside of London. Near the Rivers Colne and Holme is the 10th largest town in the UK, Huddersfield a town that is well known for its sport, culture, Landmarks and unique architecture. The area is popular with tourists and is home to the third highest number of listed building in any UK town or city, with a range of different historical places to visit you will love your time in Huddersfield.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire For Vans?

We aren’t just the experts for car hire, we are the van hire experts too! We have been arranging van hire for several years now and know the industry inside out, there are several offers we can give to our customers but best of all we can supply them with the best prices. The reason we can do this is because we compare all the prices available in the Huddersfield area and find the lowest and then apply our discounts to the lowest price. As well as this we will keep an eye on your price between when you book and when you pick up the car and alert you if the price drops any lower than the original so we can then amend it and save you more.

Our Offers

In the past and recently we have managed to arrange several offers for van hire in different locations across the world. Some of the best offers we have managed to arrange for van hire are…

Debit Card Van Hire
If you plan on hiring a van without having a credit card it can be a real issue as majority of rental companies don’t allow you to do so. This was a real issue so we quickly arrange a deal and can now take debit cards for our vans in Huddersfield, as part of this however there where restrictions which are..

1. The numbers on the card must be embossed
2. Only MasterCard and Visa Debit cards are accepted
3. On the card the name must match the name on the driving licence

If you are interested in hiring a van with a debit card then please give us a call

Young Driver Van Hire
Unfortunately if you are under 25 then hiring a van can be a real issue as majority of companies won’t allow you to do so. However we have managed to arrange a fantastic offer for our customers so that now 23 year olds with one year driving experience can hire from us, we also have managed to eliminate young driver fees, yes NO YOUNG DRIVER ADDITIONAL SURCHARGE!

Van Hire With A Tail Lift
Usually when you hire a van it does not come as standard with a tail lift and it can be hard to find companies that supply vans at all with them. We can happily now announce that we can now supply Luton vans guaranteed with a tail lift, however Lutons are the only vans that we can do this with. If you are looking for a van with a tail lift then just give us a call.

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