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Ford Ranger Car Hire

Ford Ranger Tow BarFord Ranger Car Hire

For a long time, Ford have been a very popular brand, with the Focus and Fiesta selling thousands worldwide every year. The Ford ranger is less popular than the other models and you may never have heard of it. Nevertheless, if you are in the market for a pickup truck, it will meet all your needs.

Starting at just over £20,000 for the single cab version, the Ranger is very competitively priced. For your money, you will get hill-start assist, hill-decent control and trailer sway control, making it a great all-round SUV.

There is a range of models that can cost up to £34,000, the different models come with varying levels of power and some additional features. Also, the most expensive model comes as a double cab and can east 5 people, compared to the 2 people that the single cab can carry.

More specifics about the Ford Ranger can be located on this page.

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How do I hire this vehicle?

If you are looking to hire a Ford Ranger, look no further. We work with a supplier who have the Ford Ranger available for hire on a guaranteed model basis. The supplier is in most major cities and many main airports, in which you can enjoy their meet and greet service.

Having the chance to hire a Ford Ranger, gives you the option to have an extended test drive in the Ranger. You can hire for a week or even multiple weeks to ensure that it is the car for you before you buy one. If you need the car for towing, hire with a tow bar and see if it meets your expectations.

If you would like to book car hire with a guaranteed model, you must contact us. This is because when you book online you are booking an ‘or similar’ car which means you are not guaranteed the make and model of the car. We look forward to hearing from you and securing your Ford Ranger Car Hire