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Car Hire Motherwell

About Motherwell

A large town in North Lanarkshire, Scotland it’s one of the countries most populated areas. There are many places of interest in Motherwell including the Heritage Centre which is a building that displays the history of Motherwell from the Roman era, the town’s country park, the Civic Centre, Dalzell House, M&Ds Amusement Park and Strathclyde Park, a massive variety of things to do and visit for everyone. Another place of major interest is the Motherwell Cathedral which is the Mother Church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Motherwell.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire At Motherwell?

We always find fantastic offers but perhaps even better, we have the best prices available. We get this by comparing all the prices of all the local car hire companies in Motherwell finding the lowest suitable for your circumstances and then applying our discounts that we get for passing these companies large amounts of business to result in an even lower price. On top of this we will also alert you between the time you book the car and the time you pick it up if the price drops any lower so that we can then amend it and save you even more money than originally.

Our Offers

We have managed to arrange several fantastic offers like previously stated, in doing this we have always aimed at increasing the availability of car hire to a wider audience of people. Some of the best offers we have organised are…

Young Driver Car Hire Motherwell
Our Young Driver Car Hire Motherwell deal is available only for drivers aged 23 or more.
Unfortunately, due to many changes in the rental provider’s policies, at this location we cannot hire cars to the drivers under this age.
This service is subject to availability and sometimes it can incur extra cost, which our agents will disclose to you prior booking.

No Deposit Car Hire
Paying for the car hire can be expensive enough let alone having to put down a massive deposit for the full length of the rental. This as we know can be really inconvenient so we arranged a deal with a supplier so that we can now allow no deposit car hire, with this we also organised as a backup low deposit car hire.

Debit Card Car Hire
Are you wanting to hire a car but don’t have a credit card? When you book with us there is no need to worry as we have managed to arrange an offer that means we can now accept debit cards given that it meets the restrictions that are put in place in regards to which kinds of cards can be accepted.

Free Additional Driver
When hiring a car you may expect to be the only driver however this doesn’t always have to be the case, Indigo Car Hire have managed to arrange a deal which means you can add an additional driver to the rental. The second driver has to be eligible to hire.