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8 Seater Car Hire

Large minibus looking cars, considerably more space than the usual 7 seater people carrier however less than the general mini bus 9 seaters. We only have a few cars available in this range so availability is often low as there is a distinct lack of 8 seater car models. However we can still arrange this for you but book quick.

The few 8 seaters that we have within our range have the general specifications of…

Passengers: 8

Suitable Amount Of Luggage: 8 Large Suitcases

Doors: 5, two of which are usually sliding doors

Transmission: Manual or Automatic

Air Conditioning Equipped

Fuel: Petrol and Diesel Available

The couple of 8 seaters in our range currently on our fleet around the world are…

Mercedes Viano 8 Seater
car hire mercedes vianoAvailable in both Automatic and Manual as well as diesel and petrol it’s one of the most popular cars on our fleet. It comes with parking sensors to add to the experience, its comfortable and upmarket, its undoubtedly one of the best 8 seater cars in the world, Fantastic spacious leather interior just further adds to the overall experience.


Hyundai i800 8 Seater
Car Hire Hyundai i800A popular car with a powerful engine that seats 8 people, the Hyundai i800 sports great features such as keyless entry and a leather interior. It’s a popular car as it’s comfortable, cost effective and is one of the best people carriers in the market, a massive amount of luggage space and a high review rating it’s a great choice for the family.

Toyota Previa 8 Seater
car hire toyota previaKnown by several other names such as the Estima, Tarago or Canarado this multi-purpose vehicle has a large interior space, boot and a comfortable interior at the same time even with a large amount of luggage. The Previa has cutting edge technology which Toyota truly believe are the future of minivans.

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