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Cross Border Car Hire UK

Cross Border Car Hire UKCross Border Car Hire UK

Recently, cross border car hire has become a lot more popular, especially throughout Europe. However, people often have the misconception that hiring a car in the UK and crossing the border to Europe is a confusing process. It’s actually much easier than if you were to hire in mainland Europe and travel around different countries from there.

The only downfall of cross border car hire from the UK to another location is that you must bring it back to the United Kingdom as one way rentals are not permitted due to the vehicle having to cross water.

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Travel Restrictions

As a general rule, you can collect a vehicle in the UK and drive through Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Czech Republic, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Poland without a problem, as long as you make us aware of your requirements when booking. This enable us to choose a supplier who offer what you need.

Countries that are not listed above may still be able to be arranged, however more difficult, please speak to our team regarding your cross border needs today.

Cross Border Rental Charges

When taking your car across a border, most suppliers will charge a fee, this can start from as little as just €10 for the additional insurance and paperwork. However, this can get more expensive depending on which countries you wish to visit.

Other Car Hire Offers In UK

We are always looking to get you the best deal, we do this through the use of our offers. We have managed to secure several offers alongside cross border car hire. Some of our best offers include…

Young Driver Car Hire
Typically the age restrictions for cross border car hire from the UK where 25 with one year driving experience, however we have managed to arrange an offer with a supplier that means we can allow people to cross the border given that they are 21 and have held their licence for a year prior, we also have another deal which allow 20 year olds but you must have 3 years on your licence for this. If you want more information on hiring a car under the age of 25 then please contact our team directly.

Debit Card Car Hire
Usually when crossing a border specifically car hire companies will request a credit card as you are travelling miles away with one of their vehicles and with credit cards they can charge them whenever they want. Most people don’t have credit cards or just don’t like using them so we looked at arranging cross border car hire without a credit card and eventually we were successful. We arranged debit card car hire, however there are restrictions that are in place in regards to which cards are accepted.

Low Deposit Car Hire
The supplier that we use for cross borders is also the one that can offer our customers a low deposit car hire deal. Unfortunately we can’t offer our no deposit deal as our supplier for which doesn’t allow cross border hire, the low deposit is just the full tank of fuel in the vehicle ranging from around £60-100.

When you hire a car in the UK and are planning to take it to mainland Europe you will need to be taking a ferry. When booking a ferry it asks for a registration plate which cannot be confirmed as rental vehicles have no guarantee as to what exact car you get, however most people miss it but there is actually a section when booking that allows you to tick the fact you have a rental vehicle meaning they don’t require a registration plate.

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