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Volvo XC90 Car Hire

Volvo XC90Volvo XC90 Car Hire

The Volvo XC90 is a luxury family SUV, it has 5 doors and 7 seats, so there is lots of room for the whole family. The XC90 also has a large boot, should you need to carry suitcases, golf clubs or anything else.

The starting price for the XC90 is just over £50,000 this comes with an engine that produces over 200 horsepower. The standard engine will also take you to 60 well under 10 seconds which is more than quick enough. On the slight chance that isn’t quick enough, there is a hybrid model that produces 400bhp and will take you to 60 in just over 5 seconds.

The car comes well equipped with everything you would expect from a luxury vehicle. As standard, you will get heated wind mirrors, leather seat trim, parking sensors and much more.

How Can I Hire A Volvo XC90?

You’re in luck, we work closely with a UK supplier who have Volvo XC90’s available to hire. The supplier has offices in most major cities in the UK and all major airports. Should you pick up your car from the airport you will benefit from the suppliers meet and greet service to save you time and hassle.

Hiring a Volvo XC90 for a week or even several, gives you the chance to thoroughly test drive the car. It is in this extended test drive period that you will find out all kinds of positives and negatives that you wouldn’t find on a 20 minute test drive. If you need your car for towing, you can test how good the
XC90 is at that when you hire with a tow bar.

If you would like to book a specific model of car, you must get in touch with our team. All cars shown online are on an ‘or similar’ basis, meaning you will just get a car the same class not the XC90 Itself.