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Vauxhall Car Hire

Vauxhall Car Hire

Vauxhall motors UK limited is a British car manufacturer who have their headquarters in Luton, the company was founded in 1857 by Alexander Wilson. The second largest selling brand in the last two decades and are one of most popular cars in the UK, they also have identical products named Opel in Europe, Buick in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China and Holden in Australia, so it’s safe to say they are part of a large brand.

There is a wide range of Vauxhalls now available to hire including the Adam, Agila, Ampra, the always popular Astra, Corsa, Insignia, Meriva, Mokka and Zafira. These cars are all different sizes ranging from 3 door 5 seaters to 5 door 7 seaters there is something that will be suitable for you without a doubt, the Vauxhall are truly the complete brand for everything you will need, perfected since 1857.

The company are owned by General Motors who see a massive yearly profit as they sell around 232,255 products a year to motorists around the world. General motors also aim in the coming years to be introducing more factories in the UK hopefully bringing prices down and creating more jobs for the economy.

Vauxhall History

There is a massive history to Vauxhall dating back to 1857, the company really started to take off in 1925 when it was taken over by General Motors shortly after in 1930 sales of the first true motor came started, the Cadet forcing them to build a new factor in 1960 in Ellesmere port further increasing their production and eventually becoming the car manufacturer they are today.

Vauxhall Fleet

There are a wide range of vehicle in our fleet of Vauxhalls that you can hire from us. Some of which you can see below…

Adam Agila
Ampera Antara
Astra Cascada
Corsa Insignia
Mervia Mokka
Zafira Tourer VXR8 GTS
Astravan Corsavan
Combo Vivaro