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Isuzu Car Hire

Isuzu Car Hire

Isuzu Car Hire
Isuzu Motors Ltd are a Japanese manufacturing company that produce commercial and diesel vehicles on a large scale. The company was founded in 1916 by Yoshisuke Aikawa in Tokyo, Japan and the brand is now sold on a worldwide scale with over 21 million diesel vehicles produced, in Europe Isuzu vehicles are mostly manufactured by General Motors much like Vauxhall, Opel, Biuck and Holden.

The company have a wide range of cars including Passenger vehicles, SUVs, Commercial vehicles, race cars, concept cars and even buses although we don’t hire out the buses! Everything else however you may be able to get your hands on. Isuzu’s are very popular as light to heavy trucks and vans that we can rent out at great prices.

The company sees a large amount of profit each yeah with a total revenue of 16.3 billion yen which is equivalent to 103 million pounds a very respectable figure. A long with General motors owning the majority of Isuzu it’s also partially owned by Toyota since November 7th 2006.

Isuzu History
Isuzu used to be very popular for medium sized passenger cars when first taken over by GM in 1972 and with their links they began to break into the United States market shortly after. The first major car that was produced and became a great seller was later in 1974 under the name Gemini which was co-produced with General Motors and sold as Buick, Opel and Holden names all over different places in the world.

Isuzu Fleet
The Isuzu fleet is mostly larger cars and vans or trucks so if this is something you are interested in your will find most of the fleet below…

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