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About Liverpool

The city of Liverpool is one of England’s major cities, the locals are referred to as Liverpudlians or Scousers due to their distinctive accent. Liverpool is a city well known for its rich architecture and there are several areas of the city that are World Heritage Sites and the economy in Liverpool is one of the largest within the UK as well as its importance in economy it is also a leader in tourism and leisure sectors with Liverpool being the 6th most visited city in the United Kingdom.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire For Vans?

We are the experts in van hire just as much as in the car hire industry, we have been working now with van hire for several years and have arranged many deals and offers in regards to this. Best of all however we can find you an unbeatable price, the way in which we do this is by comparing all the prices for your given dates of all car hire companies in the area, finding the lowest and then further applying discounts to it in order to lower the price even more. On top of this we will also alert you if between when you book and when you pick up the car if the price drops any lower so that we can then amend it and save you more.

Our Offers

We have managed in the past to arrange several offers for van hire with the objective of making van hire more available to a wider audience of people. Our best offers so far are…

Young Driver Van Hire
Van hire for under the age of 25 is nearly impossible as majority of companies don’t want to hire to you as the insurance premiums are just far too high. This was problematic as we had young drivers wanting to hire vans, thereforewe decided to attempt to do something about it. We quickly came up with a deal which allowed us to let 23 and 24 year olds hire but the best part of it was there is NO YOUNG DRIVER ADDITIONAL FEE! If you require young driver van hire however you must call us.

Debit Card Van Hire
Hiring a van without a credit card is a much harder task than you may think, most companies don’t allow you to do so as per their terms and conditions. We have however managed to arrange an offer that will allow our customers to use debit cards as long as they meet restrictions, these restrictions are…

1. The numbers on the card must be embossed
2. On the card the name must match the one on the driving licence produced at the counter
3. MasterCard Debit Cards and Visa Debit Cards are the only types of cards accepted

If you are wanting to hire a van with a debit card then please call us directly

Van Hire With A Tail Lift
Typically when you are hiring a van it will be pretty hard to find a company that will supply one with a tail lift. This was an issue for us as we had so many customers asking for this service so we felt we had to do something about it. Eventually we managed to get a supplier which will guarantee that we can have their luton vans with a tail lift equipped, so if you want a luton with a tail lift then please call us directly.

No Deposit Van Hire
There are many reasons people hire vans but usually it’s for a short period as they want to move house or something along those lines, the problem with this is the deposit that you have to put down takes 3-10 days in order to come back to your account which for some is just inconvenient, thereforewe can happily announce that we can offer completely zero deposit van hire in Liverpool!

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