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Car Hire Truro

About Truro

Located in the county of Cornwall the city of Truro is the centre of leisure and retail within the county. Known as Truronians the city has a population of just over 23,000 people, the area boasts several attractions for tourists such as the gothic revival Cathedral, a chain of specialty shops and markets which reflects its history of being a small market town, it also attracts many with its late night shopping, events and displays.

Why Choose Indigo Car Hire

There are many reasons that you should choose Indigo Car Hire and one of the main ones is that we have several offers to help our customers, but the biggest reason that you should choose us is predominately because we can supply the best overall price. The reason that we can do this is because we compare all the prices available from all the car hire companies in Truro, find the lowest one and then further apply our discounts to it in order to decrease the price even more. On top of doing this we also monitor your booking from when you first reserve the car you have chosen right up until when you collect it, and as prices are always live so if the price drops any lower than the original we can contact you and then amend the booking further adding to the saving.

Like previously mentioned above we have managed to arrange several offers in order to help our customers, our aim has always been to increase the availability of car hire to more people. Some of the best offers we have include…

Debit Card Car Hire

Are you wanting to hire a car but don’t have a credit card to do so? As you may have already found out this can be a pretty hard task, almost seemingly impossible. We have however a deal with a supplier that means we can accept debit cards given that it meets our requirements that are in place.

Young Driver Car Hire Truro

Our Young Driver Car Hire Truro deal is available only for drivers aged 21 and above. This service is subject to availability and sometimes it can incur extra cost, which our agents will disclose to you prior booking.

Free Additional Driver

Planning on hiring a car but put off by the fact you may be the only driver for the duration of your rental? This doesn’t have to be the case as we have managed to arrange yet another deal which can allow for us to add a free additional driver to the rental, given of course they are qualified themselves to hire.

Low Deposit Car Hire

Struggling to get the funds together for the holiday, the car hire and wait the deposit that comes with that too? We have found a solution for you, we can hire our cars out with no deposit. If this offer is not available, we have arranged a back up offer of car hire with a low deposit.