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Car Hire Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

Car Hire Heathrow Airport Terminal 2

Heathrow Airport Terminal 2 opened this week with the first flight arriving from Chicago. The £2.5 billion project has been under way for some sime now and is not without need, the previous terminal was built to handle 1.2 million passengers per year and before it closed was handling over 8 million. The new terminal has a 20 million passenger per year capacity so they have allowed for a lot of growth.

The terminal was designed by Luis Vidal a lot of it has been constructed off site due to the restraints of building in and around one of the world’s busiest international airports.

The terminal is to be known as the Queen’s Terminal in honour of Her Majesty as the Queen prepares to mark her official birthday.

Hiring A Car At Terminal 2

Arranging a hire car at Heathrow Terminal 2 will be no different than the other 4 terminals, all of the big suppliers with have a desk in the arrivals hall where you can do the paperwork and be shown out to the car park to collect your car. The other suppliers will run shuttle services from the bus stops out side and take you to your vehicle.

Make it Easier And More Affordable

When you book with Indigo Car Hire we take into account your situation and match them with the restrictions and extras needed, we do this whilst also finding you the best price possible. The way in which we can find you the best price is because we find all the prices for the days you wish to hire, find the best one and then apply our various discounts and offers to it. Over the years we have always arranged many deals that you can take advantage of, some of the best ones yet include…

Meet and Greet

At terminal2 here at Indigo Car Hire we can offer you a free meet and greet service, this is helpful because it can make it that bit easier for you. The driver will be waiting near the exit of the terminal with your name on a board ready to take you to your car which will be just outside, completely hassle free. Take your car away immediately with our meet and greet service.

Debit Card Car Hire

Hiring a car without a credit card isn’t an easy task as it’s the only accepted form of payment by the majority of rental companies. This is where Indigo Car Hire can come in, negotiate and work a bit of magic which is just what we have managed to do, we can now allow our customers to hire using a debit card as long as it meets our restrictions that are in place.

Young Driver Car Hire

Are you under the age of 25? Then unfortunately as you may have already found out it can be a real struggle to hire a car as most companies only hire to those who are over 25. We have organised a deal with a supplier at T5 however that means we can hire to people who are 21 and over given that they have held their licence for a year prior to hiring. Please follow this link if you want more information on young driver car hire.

No Deposit Car Hire

The price of the plane tickets, accommodation, holiday and the car rental can all add up and what you may or may not realise is there is also a hefty deposit on top of hired cars which gets blocked on your card for the duration of the rental. Well we have managed to arrange a deal that means you can get a hired car with no deposit and we have a backup option also of a low deposit.