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Top Of The Range Car Hire

Top Of The Range Car Hire

We hire all sorts of vehicles here at Indigo Car Hire, we have the scope to supply vehicles ranging from luxury to Mini Group cars. Some people have a taste for a more top of the range type car and we can happily announce that we can supply you with some amazing prestige and exotic vehicles ranging from the Mini Cooper to the Ferrari California.

It’s hard to specify some of these vehicles as they are all so different, we will list some of the vehicle range below and keep it updated however if you don’t see a vehicle that you desire you can always enquire and we will see if we have one of the vehicles you desire on fleet.

These models especially the top end mostly come guaranteed give us a call and we will let you know if we can book and guarantee the vehicle you want.

Some of our example cars are ….

Mini Cooper S
mini car hire
The luxurious racy small car, a slick exterior with an even better interior. A fashion statement of a car mixing trend setting with driving fun. The MINI is much quicker than the VW or Vauxhall competitors on the road and feels agile and is beautifully waited. The high performance vehicle goes from 0-60mph in just 7.3 seconds and does around 30.5mpg.

Audi A1
audi a1 car hire
The Audi A1 truly lives up to its badges great name with the three door hatch back being the beautiful on any road you drive it on. It’s got amazing rating through review sites and is known for its low running costs and reliability, with a wide range of engines to specify it’s hard to give a figure for 0-62mph and MPG however I will only need to mention, it’s an Audi.

BMW 1 Series
BMW 118d car hire
Another hatchback, the Audi’s rival. The one series however is more of a luxurious family car with it being hugely desirable for smaller families. The BMW has top notch handling with a beautiful performance and even better economic emissions. This vehicle gets snapped off the shelf quick for a reason so make sure you book it fast.

Audi R8
audi r8 car hire
Does the Audi R8 even need a description? The amazing two seater sports car, the car was designed, developed and manufactured with high performance in mind it was based around the Lamborghini Gallardo it has been described by many as “the best handling road car today”. Get your hands on one now, book one with Indigo car hire.

Ferrari California
ferrari car hire
The two door car manufactured by Ferrari that represents a number of firsts for the company including a V8 engine, dual clutch transmission, folding metal roof, multi-link rear suspension and direct petrol injection. The car has a top speed of 193mph and reaches 0-62 in 3.9 seconds. Impressive, and you can book it today!