Car Hire With Satellite Navigation

Car Hire With Satellite Navigation

Satellite Navigation is now common place in vehicles, they rely on their navigation systems to get them from place to place day in and day out, gone are the days of a map and rightly so, who wants to fiddle round with a map stopping and starting your journey whilst taking forever to get to your destination? GPS’s are reliable and now a days, cheap.

Whatever you call them, Sat Nav’s, GPS’s or Satellite Navigation they are becoming more and more of an essential part of motoring. The car hire industry have also cottoned on to this and made them available with their cars but at an additional price. On very few occasions we can actually offer this FREE so it is always worth enquiring but a lot of the time there are better alternatives to paying the extra daily fee and I’m not referring to a map.

The Cost

Adding Satellite Navigation to your rental majority of the time comes at a cost, this usually ranges depending on the country from £5-10 which to be honest a large amount of the time isn’t worth it and here is an example of why…

A GPS system costs around £50-100 to buy from a shop such as Halfords or similar, although it is a lower end Sat Nav system it will still get you from A to B.

So if you are hiring for at maximum a 7-10 day period it is worth enquiring with us the cost of the extra per day but we will ALWAYS suggest to you the best overall option suitable for you, sometimes we realise however that going out and buying a Sat Nav may not be the best idea. Here are some popular GPS Systems with prices to give you an insight….

garmin nuvi 42 lm

Possibly another option that you may have is to use your phone, this can save you a huge amount of money. For this you will either need a smart phone, windows phone or Iphone. Navigate yourself to the app store and simply search GPS or Maps and the select the one you want, however to do this you are going to need to buy a mount in order to have your phone act as a GPS. Below is an example of an APP and a mount so you get the idea for the price range…

universal phone holder
useful app blog


Unfortunately sometimes adding a GPS as an optional extra to your car is unavoidable, however we can always help you get the lowest price possible for the overall cost of your rental. If you are interested in hiring a car and getting a sat nav as an addition then please call our experienced advisors on +44 (0)113 880 0748 or email us at, they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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