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Mastercard Debit Card Car Hire

Mastercard Debit Card Car Hire

Up until recently we have only been able to accept visa debit cards and this was a revelation in itself as most companies only ever accept credit cards. Now however we can happily announce that in selected locations we can offer our Mastercard debit card car hire (credit accepted as usual). This has restrictions that come with it however which are similar to Visa debit card acceptance.

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If you want to take advantage of our great offer of Mastercard car rental then your card must meet three criteria.

1. Your card must have embossed numbers meaning they are significantly raised from one side of the card and indented on the back.
2. The payment must be made in the same name as the driver, this means that if you where wanting to drive a hired car and pay for it with a Mastercard then your name must be printed at the bottom of the card.
3. The card must be either a Visa debit or a Mastercard debit card as these are the only debit cards we accept.

Mastercard Debit Card Car Hire

This is mostly available in areas around Manchester and London but we do offer it in other locations too so if you have a query on a location call us as we may be able to arrange this. We can also offer this service hand in hand with our young driver car hire deal.

Mastercard car rental is rare so don’t look any further and book with us straight away! If you do have a Mastercard debit card then please make sure that you call us directly as if you book online then we can’t ensure you get the right supplier in order to get this deal whereas when you call us we can.